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Youkai Watch Sequel Coming to 3DS

by Bradley Jameson September 17, 2013

A sequel for Youkai Watch is coming soon!


[UPDATED] CoroCoro Magazine Reveals New Mega, Fossil and Starter Evolution Pokémon and More

by Bradley Jameson September 11, 2013

This months CoroCoro magazine has been leaked and boy does it have some awesome new Pokémon X and Y news!


Pokemon X and Y MEGA Evolutions and New Pokemon Revealed [FULLY UPDATED]

by Bradley Jameson August 8, 2013

Mega Evolutions? New Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y? This may be to much to handle!


Tons of New Pokemon Revealed in This Weeks CoroCoro Magazine

by Bradley Jameson July 11, 2013

What are you waiting for? Check out the newest Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y!


New Pokemon Revealed in CoroCoro Magazine

by Bradley Jameson June 12, 2013

CoroCoro is out and with it some new Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y!

pokemon x y scan-2

New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon X and Y via CoroCoro [UPDATE]

by Bradley Jameson May 11, 2013

New scans have appeared from CoroCoro Magazine showcasing some new Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y!

corocoro mewtwo form1

New Pokemon from X and Y Details

by Bradley Jameson April 13, 2013

The new Pokemon revealed recently by Pokemon Smash has had some new detail released about it!

Puzzle & Dragons Z coming to 3DS

by Bradley Jameson April 12, 2013

The insanely popular iOS title, Puzzle & Dragons, is coming to the Nintendo 3DS as Puzzle & Dragons Z!

corocoro new mewtwo leak

April’s CoroCoro Magazine has Started to be Leaked

by Bradley Jameson March 12, 2013

The first leaked scans of this Aprils CoroCoro magazine have surfaced! Will there be some Pokémon X and Y news?

corocoro pokemon x y eev evol

New Pokemon X and Y Scans Show Off a New Eevee Evolution

by Bradley Jameson February 12, 2013

CoroCoro Magazine has leaked a few pages containing information about a new Eevee evolution in Pokémon X and Y!