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Palico MH4U

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Adds Megaman to its Crossover List

by Sam Foxallon October 14, 2014
In yet another ridiculous crossover, become a feline Megaman in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS.

Capcom Confirm Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate NA Collector’s Edition

by Amy Conwayon September 16, 2014
It may still be a way off, but Capcom are well prepared for the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the new year.


VGU Interviews: Meltdown Luffy

by Sam Foxallon August 24, 2014
We got the chance to have a brief chat with Evolution 2014 champion, Meltdown Luffy, at VSFighting 4.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Now On iOS

by Rob Pritchardon August 14, 2014
The fifth entry in the Ace Attorney series, Dual Destinies, makes it to Apple devices to stand trial.
Resi 1 Remake

Resident Evil 1 Remastered Announced for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC

by Sam Foxallon August 5, 2014
Join up with S.T.A.R.S and head back to the mansion again as a remastered version of Resident Evil 1 has been announced for most major platforms.


EVO 2014: Meltdown Louffy Is Crowned Champion in Ultra Street Fighter IV

by Sam Foxallon July 14, 2014
In the ultimate finals for EVO 2014, Meltdown Louffy is crowned champion in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

EVO 2014: EG Justin Wong Is Crowned Champion in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

by Sam Foxallon July 14, 2014
In the penultimate finals of EVO 2014, EG Justin Wong is crowned champion in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.


VSFighting 4 Coming to Birmingham on 23-25th of August

by Sam Foxallon June 24, 2014
Dust off your arcade sticks as VSFighting 4 is coming to Birmingham in August!

Capcom Auction

The Capcom Fantasy Auction

by Sam Foxallon June 23, 2014
Step right up and get your cash ready, as I give my ideal buyers should people start snapping up parts of Capcom.
capcom logo

Capcom Now Open to Outside Purchase After Shareholder Vote

by Sam Foxallon June 16, 2014
Big news over in Japan, as Capcom is now open to outsider purchase.