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BioShock for iOS is available now on the App Store

by Luke Walshon August 28, 2014
2K Games BioShock's mobile port is ready to download and play through the iOS store.

2K UK teasing new Bioshock?

by Ian Stokeson July 24, 2014
Is Bioshock back from the brink? Or is it something new?


Bioshock Sale Madness on Xbox and PC

by Amy Conwayon March 25, 2014
Players of every platform can now pick up the Bioshock series on the cheap.


Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite Free From Tomorrow

by Amy Conwayon March 24, 2014
Playstation Plus members are in for a monster-sized treat.
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Cancelled Bioshock Movie Concept Art

by Laura Rohanon January 18, 2014
Concept art for the Bioshock movie has surfaced


Bioshock Project on Vita is Still Happening

by Bradley Jameson July 14, 2013

Remember that Bioshock Vita Project announced a few years ago?

Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia & Bioshock’s Rapture In Minecraft

by Ian Stokeson June 3, 2013

In preparation for our upcoming Bioshock Infinite event, we have a look at some Bioshock remakes in Minecraft.

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Cook & Becker Release The Official BioShock Infinite Art Collection today

by Ian Stokeson April 25, 2013

Cook & Becker is proud to present the official BioShock Infinite Art Collection today!


First Bioshock Infinite DLC spotted in Steam’s Registry

by Sarah Blackburnon April 10, 2013

The first DLC for Bioshock Infinite has been spotted in the Steam Registry.

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Opinionated!: What Bioshock Infinite is Doing Right

by Bradley Jameson February 18, 2013

Last week VGU got to play Bioshock Infinite and it impressed us a lot. But how exactly did it impress us? More importantly, why does one of the staff think it's better than Half-Life 2? Read more and find out!