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Heavenstrike Rivals Tips and Tricks Beginner’s Guide

by Luke Walshon March 2, 2015
Heavenstrike Rivals requires tactics both on and off the battlefield. Our beginners tips and tricks guide should help you get started.
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Mortal Kombat X Coming to Mobile Devices

by Sam Foxallon March 2, 2015
Rip out spines and impale your foes on the go, as Mortal Kombat X is receiving a port for mobile devices.


HeavenStrike Rivals Tactical RPG Comes to Europe

by Luke Walshon March 1, 2015
Square Enix have released their brand new tactical RPG multiplayer HeavenStrike Rivals which is available for free on iOS and Android for Europe .

Mad Catz LYNX

Mad Catz LYNX 9 Price Announced

by Sam Foxallon January 7, 2015
The official UK pricing has been announced for the new Mad Catz foldable controller, the LYNX 9.

Just Dance Now Available To Download

by Rob Pritchardon September 28, 2014
Have you ever wanted to play Ubisoft's dancing game anywhere you go? Well now you can, with Just Dance Now for mobile devices.


Ubisoft Reveal All On Watch Dogs ctOS Mobile App

by Amy Conwayon May 26, 2014
With Watch Dogs finally out tomorrow, ctOS is joining the party. But what is the ctOS app, exactly?

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Heading to Android

by Amy Conwayon April 24, 2014
Android users can now play XCOM: Enemy Unknown any time, any where.


Baulder’s Gate Arrives On Android

by Rob Pritchardon April 20, 2014
The Dungeons and Dragons based classic adventure has become available to buy on Android.


Hitman Go To Launch Next Week

by Amy Conwayon April 10, 2014
The turn-based strategy addition to the Hitman franchise has a due date.

Sonic The Hedgehog – History Of The Hidden Palace

by Rob Pritchardon March 26, 2014
People have tried to find the Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2 for many years, but is it possible in any version of the game? Find out here.