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Skullgirls Could be De-Listed From PSN & XBLA

by Sean Humphreyson December 10, 2013

The indie fighter Skullgirls could be taken down by Konami after they part ways with Autumn Games

Soul Calibur II HD Online Launch Trailer

by Sean Humphreyson November 14, 2013

Legends never die in this trailer as we welcome back Soul Calibur II to the stage of history

Spartacus Legends Update Will Feature Tournaments

by Sean Humphreyson September 21, 2013

Ubisoft's new update to the F2P gladiatorial combat fighter includes new tournament features

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Castle Of Illusion Review

by Sean Humphreyson September 12, 2013

Castle of Illusion returns Mickey Mouse to a beloved franchise. But is this remake the grand illusion or just a cheap trick?

Summer of Arcade Kicks Off With Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon August 7, 2013

It is now the Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live and with that comes a series of higher profile Arcade games to add to your collection, the first being Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons.

Zeno Clash II Now Available on Consoles

by Sean Humphreyson July 28, 2013

First-Person brawler sequel is made available to download on consoles (EU PSN will have to wait a bit longer)

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Available Now

by Trishul Gohilon June 24, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is available now for all D&D fans.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet All In One Pack Now Available

by Ian Stokeson May 27, 2013

Relive some classic Capcom titles with the Capcom Arcade Cabinet All in One Pack.

Doritos Crash Course 2 Is Free On Xbox LIVE Arcade

by Ian Stokeson May 8, 2013

Doritos Crash Course 2, the sequel to the hit title Doritos Crash Course, is now available to download on Xbox LIVE Arcade free of charge.


GOD MODE – Review

by Bradley Jameson May 2, 2013

Fighting in hell with shotguns? How could GOD MODE go wrong? Check out what VGU thinks of this newest 3rd person shooter, out now on PC!