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Square Enix’s Hitman Go Now Available for iOS

by Amy Conwayon April 17, 2014
Agent 47 is venturing out into the mobile world in Hitman Go.

Civilization Beyond Earth Trailer

by Ian Stokeson April 13, 2014
Firaxis set their sites on the final frontier with Civilization: Beyond Earth.


Space Hulk: Space Wolves Expansion Now Available

by Will Fidleron March 12, 2014
Space Hulk: Space Wolves Expansion Brings Fangs of Fenris To PC


Europa Universalis IV: Conquest Of Paradise Colonial States Video

by Sean Humphreyson January 3, 2014

A developer-commentated walkthrough awaits in this video for the new expansion, Conquest of Paradise

xcom enemy within-1920x1080

X-COM: Enemy Within Review

by Ian Stokeson January 1, 2014
X-COM Enemy Within is a throwback to expansion packs, before the days of DLC. Nowadays a few new maps or a couple of new story missions is all a company needs to put out to rinse you of your hard earned cash. But back in the old days, before a sweet internet connection in every […]

The Top 5 Reasons as to Why You are Losing Ranked Games on League of Legends

by Scott Dawsonon December 11, 2013

Struggling online on League of Legends? Can't quite reach Gold Tier? Well let us sit down and have a heart to heart as to why this may be the case. 


Worms: Clan Wars Review

by Ian Stokeson November 7, 2013

Team 17's artillery-based annelid war simulator comes back for another iteration.

Civilization V Map Packs Coming Soon

by Will Fidleron October 16, 2013

More Ways To Remix Your Civilization V Games Out Soon

Total War: Rome II Fourth Patch Focused On Improving AI

by Will Fidleron October 13, 2013

The Creative Assembly Attempts To Fix One Of The Rome II's Biggest Flaws

XCOM: Enemy Within Interview With Lead Designer Ananda Gupta

by Laura Rohanon October 9, 2013

We Sit Down With Ananda Gupta From Firaxis To Talk About XCOM: Enemy Within And The New Faction EXALT