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Endless Legend - Eye on the Stars

Endless Legend Launches Eyes on the Stars

by Kieran Clarkeon March 18, 2015
Indie develop Amplitude Studios has today released a new update for the 4X fantasy-strategy game Endless Legend, titled Eyes on the Stars.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review

by Will Fidleron December 21, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth doesn't exactly reach for the stars, with familiar mechanics alongside a few new ideas


Natural Doctrine Review

by Rob Pritchardon November 9, 2014
High fantasy arrives on the PlayStation 4 in Natural Doctrine. But is it a tale that will be sung by the bards?

Valkyria Chronicles Splash

Valkyria Chronicles is Coming to PC on November 11

by Sam Foxallon October 30, 2014
Good news for any SRPG fans, the critically acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles is heading to PC next month.
Total War Attila

Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Attila

by Sam Foxallon September 26, 2014
Prepare your armies and lay waste to Europe as Creative Assembly announces their next entry in the Total War franchise, Total War: Attila.

beyond earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth Blasts Off 24th October

by Sam Foxallon July 3, 2014
Help spread humanity across the universe when Civilization: Beyond Earth launches October 24th.

Is Nintendo’s E3 Strategy the Winning One?

by Sam Foxallon May 1, 2014
With Nintendo's E3 plans now revealed to the world, is their approach the right way to go?

Strategy Games Everywhere in’s Weekend Promo

by Luke Walshon April 25, 2014
Get all you strategy game needs fulfilled this weekend in's Weekend Promo


Square Enix’s Hitman Go Now Available for iOS

by Amy Conwayon April 17, 2014
Agent 47 is venturing out into the mobile world in Hitman Go.

Civilization Beyond Earth Trailer

by Ian Stokeson April 13, 2014
Firaxis set their sites on the final frontier with Civilization: Beyond Earth.