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A Hat in Time Splash

The 3D Platforming Dark Age

by Sam Foxallon April 13, 2014
We live in an unstable time. A time where jumping puzzles, ridiculous collectables and ice worlds are becoming extinct.

The 5 Most Frustrating Puzzles In Sonic History

by Rob Pritchardon April 10, 2014
It's not all 'hold right to win' in SEGA's keynote platformers. Find out which Sonic moments had gamers tearing out every hair from their beautiful heads here.


Freedom Planet Prepares For Beta Release

by Rob Pritchardon March 15, 2014
Kickstarter success Freedom Planet reveals it is almost ready to enter the beta phase.

Sonic 2

Sonic and Pac-Man Artist Greg Martin Dies

by Laura Rohanon January 6, 2014
The man behind some of the most iconic game cover art, Greg Martin, has passed away

Sonic Dash Now On Android

by Sean Humphreyson November 26, 2013

SEGA's endless runner starring the blue blur finally makes it onto Google's Android OS

Sonic Lost World Japanese Cutscene

by Bradley Jameson August 7, 2013

Some serious stuff is going down in this Sonic Lost World Cutscene...

Sonic Lost World Cross Play Features Revealed

by Bradley Jameson August 7, 2013

Today's Nintendo Direct has revealed some interesting cross play features for Sonic Lost World.

Sonic Lost World Game Details Released

by Bradley Jameson May 29, 2013

Sega has just released a whole bunch of new information about Sonic Lost World!

Sonic Lost Worlds Debut Trailer

by Bradley Jameson May 28, 2013

Sonic Lost Worlds has got its first trailer!

Happy Hedgehog Day Post May be Hinting at Things to Come

by Bradley Jameson February 2, 2013

A new blog post from Sega has a hidden message in it. Should we read anything into it?