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Mineorama or MineoSCAMa?

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson August 14, 2014
Mineorama might not be all it had cracked up to be, after a month of silence about it’s postponement.
Early access

Broken on release: Is early access ruining games?

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson January 26, 2014
More and more incomplete games will fill our libraries, but are we getting the quality we pay for?


Minecraft is Coming to PlayStation 3

by Bradley Jameson December 16, 2013

The ever popular Minecraft is coming to PlayStation 3 very soon.

Notch Rejects Sony’s Offer Of Free PS4 Games To Buy Them ‘Legitimately’

by Will Fidleron December 1, 2013

Indie Developer Decides To Buy Games Despite Offer By An Offer By Adam Boyes

Minecraft: The Story Of Mojang Now On Youtube For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Will Fidleron November 14, 2013

Learn About The Development Of The Indie Hit For Free

Minecraft PS3 Version Is Ready For Testing

by Laura Rohanon November 11, 2013

Minecraft is gearing up for the PlayStation 3.

Minecraft Will Add Twitch Streaming Intergration

by Laura Rohanon November 2, 2013

Minecraft is partnering up with Twitch to make easier broadcasting.

Plantronics to Host Minecraft/FIFA 14/F1 & Injustice Tournaments On Gadget Show Live

by Scott Dawsonon October 17, 2013

Gamers will be able to play live in tournament matches this year at the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas.

Mojang Hires New Vice President

by Scott Dawsonon October 5, 2013

Mojang has appointed a new vice president, Jonas Martensson, formerly head of an online gambling company.

Minecraft Blamed For School Violence Case

by Laura Rohanon September 29, 2013

Minecreaft has been blamed for a nine year old bringing in weapons to school.