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Xbox 360 Spring & Batman Sales Now On

by Amy Conwayon April 15, 2014
There are dozens of DLC packs and games available in this weeks Xbox 360 sales.

Top 5 Most Annoying Ways to Die in Titanfall

by Ian Stokeson April 10, 2014
Join me on a journey to the frontier as I look into the most annoying ways to die in Titanfall.


Titanfall Review

by Ian Stokeson April 7, 2014
We stood by for Titanfall, but does it live up to the hype?


April’s Games With Gold Announced

by Amy Conwayon March 31, 2014
Xbox Gold subscribers will be able to pick up two great games next month.
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VGU Talks: Are We Ready For Virtual Reality?

by Dominic Coleson March 31, 2014
As Sony reveal their new technology and the Occulus Rift is going through testing, do one of our writers think we are ready for Virtual Reality?


Xbox One Reputation Warnings Coming Soon

by Amy Conwayon March 26, 2014
Players beware, the Xbox One reputation system is coming into effect.

Microsoft tease an Xbox One Exclusive from ‘Woderful’ Japanese Dev

by Laura Rohanon March 24, 2014
Microsoft could be announcing a new exclusive for the Xbox One this year.


Microsoft Trademarks ‘Secrets and Treasure’

by Laura Rohanon March 24, 2014
Microsoft have trademarked Secrets and Treasure as 'game software'


Xbox One Beta Update Locks Consoles in Boot Loop

by Amy Conwayon March 22, 2014
If you're part of the Xbox One preview group, you may want to hold off on your update.
Toy Soldiers

Signal Studios Announce New Toy Soldiers For PS4 and Xbox One

by Will Fidleron March 21, 2014
Toy Soldiers Coming To New Generation Systems After Getting License Back From Microsoft