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The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep’s Clothing Out This Week

by Amy Conwayon May 26, 2014
Are you ready for the penultimate episode of The Wolf Among Us? Then here's the dates you need.

GOG’s Insomnia Sale Starts Today With 90% Off Selected Titles

by Amy Conwayon May 12, 2014
Got a few days to kill? Then keep an eye on the Spring sales.


The Walking Dead: In Harm’s Way is Almost Upon Us

by Amy Conwayon May 11, 2014
The latest episode is so close we can almost hear the zombie groans.

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The Last Tinker: City Of Colors Preview

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson April 15, 2014
The Last Tinker: City Of Colors offers a colorful adventure suitable for all ages that is reminiscent of the 3D platformer era.
ESO Wall

The Elder Scroll Online Goes Live

by Dominic Coleson April 4, 2014
After Beta Tests and an Early Access run, Zenimax's Elder Scrolls Online has now opened its doors

FTL Advanced

Subset Games Aiming To Sell FTL: Advanced Edition At $10 For iPads

by Will Fidleron March 22, 2014
FTL: Advanced Edition Will Come To iPads At A Higher Than Normal Price

Space Hulk: Space Wolves Expansion Now Available

by Will Fidleron March 12, 2014
Space Hulk: Space Wolves Expansion Brings Fangs of Fenris To PC


New Games Added to Humble Indie Bundle 11

by Amy Conwayon February 25, 2014
It's week two of the bundle, so here's some new games.


Lego: The Hobbit Release Date and Screenshots Revealed

by Amy Conwayon February 25, 2014
A new Lego game is on the way.
broken age

Broken Age: Act 2 Already Funded

by Will Fidleron February 23, 2014
Tim Schafer States The Broken Age Is Already Profitable Enough To Fund Its Second Half