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GOG Reverses Regional Pricing Decision

by Will Fidleron March 16, 2014
GOG Change Controversial Regional Pricing Policy
Secret World

Financial Investigation Into Funcom “Over Very Fast” Describes CEO

by Will Fidleron March 15, 2014
Funcom's Involvement With Insider Trading Allegations Are Ongoing According To CEO

Gears Main

Epic Games Officially Ending Involvement With Gears Of War Through Social Media

by Will Fidleron March 8, 2014
Epic Games Hand Over Gears Of War Social Media Keys To Black Tusk Studio

Ken Levine

Job Fair For 75 Fired Irrational Staff Attracted 57 Studios

by Will Fidleron March 1, 2014
Jobs Fair For 75 Fired Staff Attracts Major Studio Attention

King Abandons “Candy” Trademark Claim In The US

by Will Fidleron February 26, 2014
Candy Crush Developer Steps Back From Copyright Claim In US

Duke Nukem

Gearbox Suing 3D Realms And Interceptor Over Illegal Use Of Duke Nukem

by Will Fidleron February 23, 2014
Gearbox Raise Legal Grievance Over use Of Iconic Gaming Icon, Duke Nukem

GOG Introducing Regional Pricing For Bigger Releases

by Will Fidleron February 22, 2014
GOG institute Regional Pricing, Sparking Outrage On The Sites Community


Kongregate CEO Stepping Down

by Will Fidleron February 22, 2014
Kongregate CEO Replacing Himself With Younger Sibling

Ken Levine

Irrational Games To Dissolve, Ken Levine Re-Focusing On “Replayable Narrative”

by Will Fidleron February 18, 2014
Ken Levine Downsizing Team To Change Focus

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Lands Spicy Horse In Financial Trouble

by Will Fidleron January 30, 2014
Spicy Horse In Money Trouble After Free-To-Play Flop