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343 Industries Promises More Updates

by Jake Stewarton January 8, 2015
The Master Chief Collection has suffered from some pretty big matchmaking issues, but 343 Industries promises that they are continuously working to solve these issues.

Destiny Now Available To Play In The UK

by Rob Pritchardon September 9, 2014
Bungie's latest sci-fi FPS Destiny is ready to be experienced.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Announced At E3

by Sean Humphreyson June 9, 2014
Remakes of Halo 1 and 2 and more head to Xbox One.


A History of Halo: Glitch Hunting, Machinima and Social Gaming

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson February 20, 2014
With a new Halo title confirmed, take some time to reminisce about what made the series so great.
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Steven Spielbergs plans for who will direct Halo TV pilot

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson January 26, 2014
Steven Spielberg has shown an interest in Neil Blomkamp as a director for the Halo TV show.

Tomb Raider Creative Director Leading the Next Halo Project

by Laura Rohanon December 9, 2013

Timothy Longo will be working on the new Halo game.


343 Industries Gets New Creative Director

by Scott Dawsonon December 8, 2013

Tim Longo has been introduced into 343 Industries as their new Creative Director. 

Halo Programmer Leaves Microsoft for Naughty Dog

by Laura Rohanon November 24, 2013

Corrinne Yu, principal engine programmer for the Halo team, has left to work with Naughty Dog.

NECA and 343 Industries Partner Up To Bring New Halo Merchandise

by Scott Dawsonon November 13, 2013

National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) have partnered with 343 Industries for a new Halo merchandise program. 

Microsoft Voice Technology To Be Known As “Cortana”

by Scott Dawsonon September 13, 2013

Halo's legendary and universally known female A.I will be used for voice recognition technology.