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Lethal League Splash

Lethal League Review

by Sam Foxallon September 2, 2014
Lethal League has finally been released to the masses, is it a home run or a swing and a miss?
Rivals of Aether Logo

Rivals of Aether Announced

by Sam Foxallon July 7, 2014
Choose your Rival and fight for Aether, in this new 2D indie fighter from the team that brought you Super Smash Land.

pacman in smash

E3 2014: Pac-Man Announced for Smash 4

by Sam Foxallon June 11, 2014
Waka waka waka! One of gaming's oldest icons is chomping into the fight in Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS.

db xenoverse

E3 2014: Bandai Namco Announces Dragonball Xenoverse

by Sam Foxallon June 11, 2014
Go Super Saiyan in Next Gen with this new Dragonball fighter from Bandai Namco.
MKX Reveal

Ed Boon Reveals Mortal Kombat X

by Sam Foxallon June 2, 2014
Get over here! Ed Boon finally reveals the next installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise.


Getting Hype: Why Fighting Games are the Best Esport

by Sam Foxallon April 22, 2014
Get your fight sticks and light those torches, as we discuss why fighting games are the best esport.

Fighter Within Launch Trailer

by Sean Humphreyson November 19, 2013

Ubisoft's Kinect-based fighter helps friends settle their differences in this launch trailer

Fighter Within Gameplay Trailer

by Laura Rohanon October 24, 2013

Ubisoft have today released a gameplay trailer for the Xbox One launch title.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Rated for PSVita

by Sean Humphreyson September 25, 2013

Rating for PS Vita port of DC superhero-fighter spotted online

Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV at EVO 2013

by Sean Humphreyson July 15, 2013

New Fighters, New Stages, New Trailer, DLC and Disc early 2014