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VGU Talks: Is Phil Fish Right?

by Dominic Coleson June 19, 2014
As a twitter uproar developed, Phil Fish has made his thoughts clear about Youtube gamers. But is he right?

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite Free From Tomorrow

by Amy Conwayon March 24, 2014
Playstation Plus members are in for a monster-sized treat.


Fez Coming To PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Later This Month

by Will Fidleron March 3, 2014
Polytron Announce Playstation Versions Of Hit Indie Game

Fez Has Sold 1 Million Copies

by Bradley Jameson December 9, 2013

The indie hit Fez has sold a million copies.

IGDA looking to create harassment support group

by Scott Dawsonon August 19, 2013

Developer security group IGDA to make moves towards creating safety system for creators who are threatened online by gamers. 


Steam Summer Sale Spotlight Special Feature 7

by Kieron Davieson July 15, 2013

A new day brings new deals.


Steam Summer Sale Spotlight – Day 2

by Kieron Davieson July 12, 2013

It's day 2 and already so many games have been on sale.

Halo PC version hopes are dashed with Microsoft’s resounding ‘No’ [Updated]

by Sarah Blackburnon February 4, 2013

Microsoft have confirmed that the recent rumours of a Halo PC port are just that: rumours. Halo won't be making a PC appearance anytime soon.

Brutal Legend, Fez and Halo 3 Coming To Steam With Quantum Conundrum 2

by Will Fidleron February 4, 2013

Eagle-eyed steam database watchers clue onto PC releases and a sequel