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Ace Attorney Trilogy Comes To Europe This Winter

by Rob Pritchardon June 5, 2014
The Ace Attorney Trilogy, a series of classic adventure games will make a triumphant return later this year on Nintendo 3DS.

Top 5 Games That Used The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

by Rob Pritchardon May 25, 2014
This week, we said goodbye to Nintendo's first online service. Here are the top five games that used the service to the best of it's abilities.


Backwards Compatibility: Essential Feature or Unneeded Add-on?

by Sam Foxallon April 14, 2014
Backwards compatibility is a hotly contested issue amongst companies and gamers. Time to hold court on the issue.


Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Due To Close

by Rob Pritchardon February 27, 2014
Nintendo's multi-player servers for Wii and DS games are due to be shut down later this year.

Capcom Confirms New Ace Attorney Title

by Rob Pritchardon December 30, 2013

No objections from the defense for this piece of evidence.

The New Pokémon Bank Trailer Shows Off Its Main Features and Some Extras

by Bradley Jameson December 13, 2013

Pokémon fans prepare to fill your Pokédex's because Pokémon Bank is coming soon.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Stan Lee Trailer

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon September 4, 2013

Marvel release new trailer for the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Devil Survivor 2 Reaches Pre-Order Target

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon September 2, 2013

Ghostlight achieve minimum pre-orders to release Devil Survivor 2.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gamescom Trailer Released

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon August 21, 2013

A new trailer has been released showcasing the scale of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Nintendo Fights Back Against Global Piracy

by Bradley Jameson August 7, 2013

Nintendo are fighting back against the increasing rate of global piracy with a bold new lawsuit.