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Nintendo Reveal Transparent 2DS Designs and Pokemon Bundle

by Amy Conwayon September 23, 2014
New 2DS designs are on the way, and they may just take older players back to their youth.
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Nintendo Celebrate Kirby: Triple Deluxe With Pink 2DS

by Amy Conwayon April 2, 2014
Time to head to Dreamland with a new Kirby Inspired 2DS.


Pokémon X and Y Mega Evolutions; What Is and What Could Have Been

by Bradley Jameson January 25, 2014
Mega Evolution in Pokémon X and Y is still a big subject in between trainers. However, how well have they been implemented? And what else could have Game freak have done?


Looking Forward to 2014: Nintendo

by Bradley Jameson January 25, 2014
Nintendo may have had a shaky 2013, but this year looks better than ever. Here are VGU's most anticipated Nintendo titles for 2014.
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Level-5 has Trademarked Yo-kai Watch in the West

by Bradley Jameson January 22, 2014
Level-5 could be bringing the ghost filled RPG Yo-Kai Watch to the West.


Pokémon Bank is Back

by Bradley Jameson January 22, 2014
Pokémon Bank has just been re-added to the Japanese eShop.

Generation Six Competitive Pokémon Corner – The Maliciousness of Malamar

by Bradley Jameson January 21, 2014
In this Competitive Pokémon Corner we are taking a look at the killer calamari, Malamar and seeing how it stacks up in the Gen 6 metagame.


Nintendo Could Be Developing a New Next-Generation Console

by Bradley Jameson January 15, 2014
Nintendo could have started making a brand new console.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Demo Gameplay

by Bradley Jameson January 13, 2014
Check out this new gameplay footage from the demo of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call .

Kirby Triple Deluxe Soundtrack is Now Available via Club Nintendo

by Bradley Jameson January 12, 2014
Coinciding with the launch of the game, Kirby Triple Deluxe's soundtrack is available now.