As a new set roles into standard play, a lot of different items come up for grabs. From boosters to boxes, players of Magic the Gathering have a lot of choice. One of these products is a holiday gift box, that gives you plenty of space to store all the cards you have in your collection. However, is the holiday box worth it for every player or only a select few? Let’s shuffle our decks and find out.

First off let us have a look at the box itself. The box has three huge rows that can store a ton of cards. The slots average out to the same size as a single fat pack. Effectively, you are getting three fat packs worth of space in a single box. Along with the space, you will also receive four Theros booster packs and a promo art work card of Karametra’s Acolyte with a bunch of land cards of all colours.

To go along with your cards, you also have six separators, with featured artwork from the Theros set. All of which are beautiful pieces in their own right. To help you organise your box, you also get a collection of stickers that can go with the separators. The stickers can help you organise the box as you wish. Whether it be organised by card type, colour, set or rarity, you have everything in your possession necessary to customise and store as you please.

Now is the hard question, Is this the product for you? For its price the product is really good value when it comes to card storage. It is not advised to buy these boxes for the cards as you are only getting four boosters. These gift boxes are aimed at the existing players of Magic the Gathering that have a lot of cards to play around with but need an affordable and safe place to keep their cards when they are not in use. As a safe alternative to card folders, the gift box is a great idea for Christmas if you know anyone that is a big player of the game. For new players however, you would be better off buying yourself an intro pack. This is so that you can get into the game easier with a pre-existing deck and also begin your collection with a free booster pack.

Overall, the Theros holiday gift box is a great present for anyone who is a die-hard player of Magic the Gathering. Although this may not be an ideal buy for someone starting out, it does give you a great amount of space and a nice selection of different category options to neaten and keep safe your precious cards. Just remember, with products like this you do not want to buy them for the booster packs. You want to buy them for the storage.

So what are your thoughts on the Theros holiday gift box? Is it worth the price in your eyes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out VGU’s Friday Night Magic every week.

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