Now that the Theros block is over, we are graced with the presence of another core set to keep us occupied until the next block comes around later in the year. The M15 Core Set comes along with its own collection of Intro Packs for new and old players to invest into. Today, we are looking into the white and green theme pack known as Will of the Masses. Combining the powers of early game human and elves with late game angels and monstrous creatures, does the deck pack a valuable punch? Let’s shuffle our decks and find out.

Here are the creatures you can look forward to summoning in this deck:

x1 Hornet Queen

x2 Living Totem

x2 Midnight Guard

x2 Oreskos Swiftclaw

x1 Phytotitan

x2 Selfless Cathar

x2 Seraph of the Masses

x2 Siege of Wurm

x2 Sunblade Elf

x1 Wall of Mulch

x2 Will-Forged Golem


With at least two mana under your belt, you can start off the game with some great creature dominance. An easy first and second turn combo of Selfless Cathar and Sunblade Elf can set you up on the right track; just make sure you have a plains in your mana pool so Sunblade Elf is more devastating. Midnight Guards are very reliable for blocking opposing creatures early on. To maximise their effectiveness, bring in a Selfless Cathar or Oreskos Swiftclaw during your post-combat phase to untap them after they attack. Alternatively you can simply wait until your opponent brings a creature into the field, as the card says ‘Whenever Another Creature Enters The Battlefield’ not under your control. Late game you will find yourself using Hornet Queen and Phytotitan to create big threats to your opponents. If you can manage your creature size, be sure to send out Seraph of the Masses in order to give yourself a creature with end game potential.

Now that we have covered the effectiveness of the creatures in the deck, let us now go over the Instant and Sorcery speed spells that accompany them:

x2 Devouring Light

x2 Feral Incarnation

x1 Gather Courage

x1 Meditation Puzzle

x1 Naturalize

x1 Nissa’s Expedition

x1 Overwhelm

x3 Raise the Alarm

x1 Sanctified Charge

x1 Titanic Growth

x2 Triplicate Spirits

Like some of the creatures in the pack, the core set comes along with a new mechanic known as Convoke. This means that you can use monsters on your side of the field as well as land to tap for mana to either summon another creature or use a devastating spell. Keep in mind that tapping creatures can go towards the colourless mana cost or the colour equivalent of the tapped card. With this ability available, Devouring Light becomes one of the best cards for any situation. It is the ultimate counter against any big threats on your opponent’s end of the field. Not forgetting it is also instant speed, so you can play it during both the opponents and your turn.


Naturalize and Raise the Alarm are great early game spells for situational uses. Overwhelm and Feral Incarnation may seem like very hard to cast cards, but remember to Convoke if necessary to reap the rewards. The only card out of the entire deck that you may never end up using is Meditation Puzzle. The reason behind this is because, for the cost, the card just is not worth pumping mana into or using Convoke for. It is incredibly situational and not worth the hassle when there are other cards more worthwhile to get out on your field.

Will of the Masses overall is a great intro pack for players who want to experience how powerful Convoke can be as an ability. Utilise the early game for putting out your creatures so that late game you can bring into play some devastating cards. With little to no complaints about the deck, you can guarantee that you are getting an intro pack that shows off the amazing potential of the core set. Old players will enjoy the potential of the deck whilst new players can enjoy exploring the Convoke mechanic and find out the best strategies against their opponents. It is highly recommended by yours truly.

What do you think about the intro pack, Will of the Masses? Are you ready to bring into play some huge monsters, or are you more inclined to go after one of the other intro packs? Let us know what you think in the comments below.