With the last set of the Theros block now available, there is a new collection of Intro Packs to assist current and new players of Magic the Gathering. Journey into Nyx closes off the block with a large variety of great cards from the previous sets as well as new additions for standard play. The Black/White pack, known as Pantheon’s Power, is a combination of life stealing and control effects. With the additions of constellation and life management cards, does this intro pack have the perfect amount of value for any player? Let us draw our opening hand and find out.


x2 Akroan Mastiff

x1 Archetype of Courage

x1 Archetype of Finality

x1 Brain Maggot

x1 Doomwake Giant

x2 Dreadbringer Lampads

x1 Eagle of the Watch

x1 Fate Unraveler

x2 Grim Guardian

x2 Harvestguard Alseids

x2 Nyx-Fleece Ram

x2 Odunos River Trawler

x1 Pharika’s Chosen

x1 Rotted Hulk

x2 Thoughtrender Lamia

x2 Underworld Coinsmith

With these creatures in your possession you can pull off some great combinations. Do not be disappointed if in your opening hand you have Pharika’s Chosen, as a 1/1 Deathtouch creature on turn one can make your opponents rethink their early game. Or you can even hold onto this little guy for later on, to make a wall for any bigger creatures. As with the majority of the set, there are now a large array of enchantment creatures that can trigger the new constellation mechanic. With this in mind, try combining your enchants with Grim Guardian after turn three to start draining life from your opponents. If you can summon Underworld Coinsmith on the turn before, you will now gain one life as your opponents lose one life. Around turn six, or later on in the game, get out the Thoughtrender Lamia to start discarding cards from your opposition. With these combinations of enchantment creatures along with the constellation effects, you can start controlling the battlefield right from the get go.


There are only a couple creatures that you may not use as often in comparison to others in this pack. The main one being the foil of the deck, Doomwake Giant. For five mana (four colourless & one black) you get a 4/6 enchantment creature with the ability to put a -1/-1 effect on all opposing creatures for a turn. This is not the kind of card you want to rush toward or play immediately, unless you’re playing in a limited format. Instead you will be waiting to use this guy as a situational summon or to simply trigger other constellation effects. Rotted Hulk is another card to not go all out for in the deck. A four mana (three colourless & two black) 2/5 creature that doesn’t even trigger constellation is a bit of alet down. Concentrate on bringing this creature out as a wall against opposing threats other than a core attacker.


x1 Armament of Nyx

x1 Aspect of Gorgon

x1 Banishing Light

x1 Cast Into Darkness

x1 Font of Return

x1 Font of Vigour

x2 Nyx Infusion

x2 Oppressive Rays

All ten spells in the deck are counted as enchantments, making it perfect for triggering constellation. Armament of Nyx and Nyx Infusion are the two interesting cards in the collection that give you two completely different options, depending on if it is cast on an enchantment or a normal creature. Take advantage of this where necessary to give you a big advantage or cripple your opponent. Banishing Light is one of the best cards in the entire set as it is the Theros equivalent of Detention Sphere. Use this in dire situation where you need to get rid of your opponents threats. Since you only have one in this deck, you do not want to waste it. Oppressive Rays is incredibly impressive as it can allow you to seriously cripple your opponents moves. See a creature with a nasty constellation ability? Add this to it and now your opponent has to pay three colourless mana in order to trigger his skills.


There is only one card that I do not feel psyched to play within the list of spells. The one I am talking about is Font of Vigor. Five mana overall to give you seven life is okay, but it isn’t brilliant. I can only ever see people playing this for constellation triggers or for those quick and easy life total fixes come late game. Don’t go out of your way for this card, use it for ability triggers and do not be upset if it gets removed before you can get that life back.

Pantheon’s Power is a great deck for new players and has a nice array of cards for the experienced. Controlling the field and life totals feel super sweet and the plays you can pull off with constellation are truly fun. Little to complain about all around as the cards that may not see as much play can be useful within the right circumstances. If you are thinking of picking up an Intro Pack from Journey Into Nyx definitely put this as a consideration. Feel the true power of the Black & White colour combination.

What do you think of Pantheon’s Power? Does it give you everything you need to win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.