MtG Jace vs Vraska Feature

Magic the Gathering: Jace vs Vraska Duel Decks Review

by Daniel Clarkeon April 8, 2014
Behold, the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Decks are here for you to indulge in a battle of wits against a friend. Which Planeswalker will prevail?


Magic the Gathering Theros Holiday Gift Box Review

by Dominic Coleson December 17, 2013
As Christmas is around the corner, the Wizards of the Coast have released a box of goodies for their MTG players. Is this gift box worth putting under the Christmas tree?

Magic Jelava

Magic the Gathering Mind Seize Commander Deck Review

by Dominic Coleson December 4, 2013
The standard or modern formats are all well and good, but nothing is quite like commander. How do the new commander decks hold up?

Bioshock Infinite BradyGames Strategy Guide

Bioshock Infinite BradyGames Guide Review

by Ian Stokeson December 1, 2013

Heads or tails? The bird or the cage? BradyGames has you covered with their Bioshock Infinite guide. But is it up to scratch?


Bioshock Infinite The Siege of Columbia Boardgame Review

by Luke Walshon November 1, 2013
Bioshock Infinite got high ratings and was a great game but how does the board game counter part stand up? Find out more in our review.


Magic the Gathering Theros Event Deck: Inspiring Heroics Review

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon October 28, 2013

The Theros set brings about a new tournament ready Event Deck, but will Inspiring Heroics be worth your while?


Magic the Gathering Theros Challenge Deck: Face the Hydra Review

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon October 28, 2013
With the new Theros set comes a whole new challenge, the challenge of the Hydra. But is the challenge worth the price?


MTG Theros Intro Pack Review: Blazing Beasts of Myth

by Dominic Coleson October 25, 2013

As mythical heroes and creatures enter the new TCG set of Magic the Gathering, what does one of our players think of the monstrous qualities of this red/green intro pack deck?


MTG14 Core Set Deck Builder’s Toolkit Review

by Dominic Coleson September 19, 2013

We got our hands on a box of tricks that can help any player with their Magic the Gathering experience. Check out what we think of this toolkit

Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide Brady Games Guide Review

by Will Fidleron September 1, 2013

Does The Brady Games Dead Island: Riptide Guide Help You Weather The Storm, Or Should It Be Lost A Sea?