EVO 2014: Twitch JDCR Is Crowned EVO Champion in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Sam Foxallon July 12, 2014
In the first of the EVO finals, Twitch JDCR is crowned champion in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Yu-Gi-Oh! New Solemn Card Leaked

by Daniel Clarkeon July 11, 2014
The power of Solemn Judgement and multiple Solemn Warning have long since been locked away. But now there is a new card to look forward to.


Magic 2015 Duels Of The Planeswalkers Now Available On iPad

by Dominic Coleson July 11, 2014
Hunt bigger game this year as the Planeswalkers series returns, first exclusively to iPad


VGU Talks: Violence In Video Games

by Dominic Coleson July 11, 2014
There are many games made with an emphasis on violence, but are games wrong to benefit and are gamers turning into trained killers?
Kone XTD Optical

Roccat’s Kone has gone optical

by Ian Stokeson July 11, 2014
ROCCAT have announced a mouse they claim to be slicker than Jerry.

Smash Character Reveal

New Super Smash Bros Challenger Will Be Announced Live on Monday 14th

by Sam Foxallon July 11, 2014
Challenger Approaching! Find out who the next new fighter is for Super Smash Bros this Monday.

VGU is hiring

by Ian Stokeson July 10, 2014
That's right, you can join VGU to write about the wonderful world of vidya games n stuff.

MKX Character Reveal

EVO 2014: Mortal Kombat X Reveal During Injustice Finals

by Sam Foxallon July 10, 2014
More Mortal Kombat news is on the way, as NetherRealm teases an announcement during the Injustice finals at EVO 2014.


EVO 2014: All You Need to Be Ready

by Sam Foxallon July 10, 2014
With the world's biggest fighting game tournament almost upon us, here is a rundown of everything you need to be prepared for the hype.
EGX London

EGX London 2014: First Batch of Playable Games Announced

by Sam Foxallon July 10, 2014
Start booking your tickets soon, as the first batch of games available to play at EGX London, have finally been announced.