Rollers Of The Realm Review

by Rob Pritchardon November 23, 2014
Pinball and role playing games come together in Rollers Of The Realm. Will it hit the high score, or fall back to earth?

Valve Introduce Stricter Early Access Guidelines

by Rob Pritchardon November 23, 2014
To encourage developers to take more responsibility for their Early Access games, Valve have changed their terms and conditions.

Guilty Gear Xrd Logo

Arc System Works Releases Guilty Gear Xrd Overview Trailer

by Sam Foxallon November 22, 2014
The fight is almost on as Arc System Works releases a giant overview trailer of their new fighter, Guilty Gear Xrd.


Konami Announce PES 2015 Samsung Partnership

by Kieran Clarkeon November 22, 2014
Konami have announced a partnership with Samsung focusing on new title PES 2015, which will feature special camera angles suited for Samsung Curved UHD TVs.

Get a Taste of Sunset Overdrive Today

by Jake Stewarton November 22, 2014
As a celebration of the one year anniversary of the Xbox One, and Microsoft and Insomniac Games are teaming up to give a little bit of a present to Xbox Gold Members.

Persona Q

Persona Q Launch Trailer Revealed

by Rob Pritchardon November 21, 2014
The Investigation Team are from Persona 4 are back in Persona Q, and they've brought Persona 3's SEES along with them.

Far Cry 4 Map Editor Trailer Released

by Rob Pritchardon November 20, 2014
Want to build your own world in the mountains of Far Cry 4? Well Ubisoft will let you do just that.


5 Reasons GTAV PC Will Beat The Consoles

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson November 19, 2014
PC gamers often have the better end of the stick, and GTAV is another title that will be just a bit sweeter on a personal computer. Since its September release in 2013, I have sunk days’ worth of time into GTAV, playing its online feature to death, and free roaming the wonderful city of Los […]


Klipsch Introduces the New KG-300 Wireless Gaming Headset

by Luke Walshon November 19, 2014
Klipsch have announced the launch of their next headset the KG-300 wireless gaming headset.

Rollers of the Realm Available Now

by Rob Pritchardon November 18, 2014
Enjoy pinball and role playing games? Now you have the best of both words with Rollers of the Realm.