Guild Wars 2: New Gem Store Items

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Behold! The Black Lion Trading Company has new wares for your eyes to devour! With the tides of battle changing in the living story, the Battle for Lion’s Arch, new items have appeared in the Gem Store for the player to purchase.

Oooo... pretty and dangerous
Oooo… pretty and dangerous

Fans from the original game might notice these pieces of equipment. They are the tormented armaments from Guild Wars: Nightfall. The skins can now be transferred to currently own equipment for a trip down memory lane for those hardcore fans, or just simply some nice looking weed whackers.

Not so big now!
Not so big now!

Collect all the minions of Scarlet’s army as cute little miniatures.  The Aetherblade Admiral, the Molten Berserker, and the Toxic Warlock are now available to add to your miniature assortment. Also, if you combine all three in the mystic forge, you can obtain a miniature Scarlet Briar… just don’t let her have too much fun out of her box.

Come back with this shield or upon it
Come back with this shield or upon it

For the PvP combatants among us, a new finisher is available. The Guild Shield Finisher puts the nail in the coffin with a nice drape of your Guild’s colours. So go forth and own the battlefield with pride. Also, the mini section of the Gem store has been relocated to the toys section. This also holds items such as instruments etc.

So head on over the Guild Wars 2 today and get in on the Gem Store offers and new content. For more details, please visit the official website. Also, please look at our article regarding the Daily Gem Store Offers and the recent Battle for Lion’s Arch event and release notes. Game well.