When Rainbow Six Siege was originally unveiled I was extremely excited. As a massive fan of the series since the PlayStation One days all the way up to Vegas Two, Siege was looking to mix things up yet again. Instead of going for a straight forward narrative approach partnered by that of a compelling multiplayer experience, the game has instead embraced multiplayer as its core experience. Coupled with this is a game and modes that feel very similar to that of Counter Strike as one team plays as a team of defenders whilst the other team acts as attackers. But how does this hold up in game?

Surprisingly very well. The first major concern that I had was that the game was going to feel too much like Counter Strike, to the extent where it would feel like a generic game on Dust2. However, by containing the maps more in a smaller environment but making the players able to take any route in and out of the main location, the game feels extremely engaging and fun. The online matches play out as this: the defending team have about forty seconds to set up their defensive area. During this time as well, the attackers are sending in scout drones to try and locate the objective targets the defenders are guarding. When the time is up, the attackers spawn in and must complete the objective or kill all the enemies in order to win the round. The defenders simply need to stay alive for the remaining time on the clock without the objective being compromised. Or, like the attackers, just simply kill everyone on the enemy team to win. Sounds simple right? In theory yes it is. But when you get in there is much more than meets the eye.

Teamwork & Communication = Key

Breach, Blow, Break, Beat, Repeat

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