Saturday marked the final day at EGX 2015 for VGU and it certainly was a packed schedule. A look at a couple of new indie titles as well as Ubisoft’s two big heavy hitters, The Division and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Queues were still massive and will no doubt be even longer tomorrow, so bring your portable stools for those long lines to have a go on Playstation VR.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Ubisoft

The Division

After rushing straight towards the booth at the beginning of the day, we were finally able to get hands on with Ubisoft’s answer to Destiny, Tom Clancy’s The Division. The demo itself had you tasked as a member of a three man fire team, with the objective of getting a hold of a canister of contaminated material from an enemy gang and then extracting it out via helicopter. This involved entering one of The Division’s many ‘Dark Zones’, which are PvP areas where players can choose to help out or kill others once they enter said area. The Dark Zone we played in was much smaller than one you would actually find in game, with ones found in the full version stretching over massive areas of New York City. I played the heavy class in this demo, wielding an automatic shotgun and a heavy machine gun which was great for laying down suppressive fire for teammates or flanking enemy gangs to blast their heads off. I had a small automatic turret I could throw down to provide cover support, along with an AoE scouting ability, which would mark all hostiles in the immediate area. While these loadouts were set for the purposes of the demo, characters will be fully customisable with you being able to pick your weapons, armour and abilities as you progress.

The first computer controller gang we ran into was fairly easy to dispatch, with their defeat giving my team the canister we needed to extract. We then ran into a mini arena which was half coffee shop, half cargo bay where we were had to extract our booty via helicopter while other fireteams tried to shoot us down. This soon became an all out firefight between 3 separate gangs, with my team defending the extraction point, while another tried to kill us and take the canister, with yet another team trying to sweep in and mow us all down. The mini alliances or rivalries that formed on the fly definitely made the PvP experience seem more organic, as fellow players suddenly came together to hold off an advancing threat.  As for performance, The Division did seem to chug at times and even on a local connection, enemy players seem to suddenly pop in and out of nearby areas. When it was running smoothly and my team was actively co-ordinating to keep a position defended, The Division was fun. I don’t know if it will win over fans of Destiny but even as someone who was very disinterested in The Division before I played the demo, I think it is definitely not something to write off just yet.


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Ubisoft

Aaero - Mad Fellows Games

Last Fight - Pharmazoo Corp

VA-11 HALL-A - Sukeban Games

The Wall Shall Stand - Pixel Tailors

Mushroom 11 - Untame Games

Mushroom 11 - Untame Games