VGU were at the biggest UK consumer games event, EGX 2015. At this year’s event we sat down with Sony to try the PlayStation VR, their entry into the virtual reality market.

From fist glance the PlayStation VR stands out from the rest of its competition, it has a sleek, curved white finish which is surrounded by a number of blue lights which gives it a very cool Sci-fi vibe. By picking up the headset you can feel how light it is, made from mostly padding and rubber it was the lightest VR headset I have tried so far. This is further backed up by the way the headset is designed.

Due to the ring formation of the headband a lot of the weight is distributed towards the back of the PlayStation VR which meant that the front becomes much lighter taking the strain of the screen and your face. The padding around the screen area which sits around your nose and face is soft and with the ability to change how far forward or backwards the screen can come in line with the headband/support by pressing a button underneath enables you to get a much better fit for your face.

Much like the screen, the back of the headset is also adjustable with a circular notch that clicks into place each step, tightening the headset from the back. It does have a problem with sizing, if you have a smaller head or a child it may not fit as well than it does on an adult. Even with clicking it into place as far forward from the front and back, our guest Laputyn who also tried it could not get it to sit perfectly, leaving a gap underneath the headset by the screen as well as a slipping feeling.