DuckTales Making A Remastered Return

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At Capcom’s panel at PAX East they have announced they will be bringing back Ducktales with the help of WayForward Technologies. DuckTale: Remastered seems to take more than just a heavy nod to the NES game released in 1989.

The game will feature hand-drawn sprites and new voice work. The game will be coming out this Summer on WiiU, PSN, and XBLA for $15.

Here is some character art:

Launchpad MrsBeakley
Nephews ScroogeMcDuck
ScroogeMcDuck CaneSwing1 ScroogeMcDuck CaneSwing2
ScroogeMcDuck Pogo


And some gameplay:

DTR CastleStrangeDuck01 DTR CastleStrangeDuck02
DTR CastleStrangeDuck03 DTR CastleStrangeDuck04
DTR CastleStrangeDuck05 DTR ScroogesMoneyBin01
DTR ScroogesMoneyBin02