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Five reasons the Xbox One went Kinectless

by Richard Newtonon May 20, 2014
Xbox One has gone Kinectless. We take a look at five reasons Microsoft dropped the motion controller.

Is Steam Greenlight feeling the pressure?

by Richard Newtonon May 9, 2014
With two games this past week being taken off the shelf, we look to see if great games really can be released on Steams community-based indie store.


Big Bucks and Small Fries: Film vs Game production

by Richard Newtonon May 7, 2014
With Destiny's budget making even Hollywood blush, we take a look at how the two industries differ in spending their cash.


Destiny to cost $500 million to produce

by Richard Newtonon May 6, 2014
Activision puts a lot of eggs into Bungie's basket.

War of the Vikings Review

by Richard Newtonon April 30, 2014
Axes, shields and a whole lot of chaos. We review Fatshark's War of the Vikings.


“Schrödinger’s Hacker” – Watch Dogs’ merging of single and multiplayer experiences

by Richard Newtonon April 28, 2014
Overlapping single and multiplayer experiences aren't entirely new, but Ubisoft is blurring the line more than ever before.

First look at Titanfall’s new War Games map

by Richard Newtonon April 24, 2014
Respawn show off the new digital level "War Games".


Five dragons even St George wouldn’t want to slay

by Richard Newtonon April 23, 2014
Today in England we celebrate St Georges day, here's some dragons we glad he let live.


EC approves UK game industry tax break

by Richard Newtonon April 22, 2014
Newly approved tax break offers studios incentive to remain in the UK

Pay if you wanna go faster!

by Richard Newtonon April 21, 2014
Are the next generation of gamers' progress hampered by the free-to-play market?