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War Thunder Unleashes The Power of The Steel Generals

by Dominic Coleson December 18, 2014
Thought Planes were badass? What happens if War Thunder gets more dangerous with Tanks?
WWE 2K15_CMPunkChamp

WWE 2K15 Review

by Dominic Coleson December 18, 2014
With the new generation of wrestling games out on both old and new gen consoles, how does 2K's WWE 2K15 stand up to our expectations?


Lords of the Fallen Review

by Dominic Coleson November 13, 2014
The game that pits you against the lords of a demonic world fell into our hands to review. Does Lords of the Fallen fall below expectations?

Tekken 7 Reveal

Tekken 7 New Characters & Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

by Dominic Coleson November 12, 2014
A new trailer for the next king of iron fist tournament has gone live. What new information can we find out about Tekken 7?

WWE2K15 MyCareer Preview

by Dominic Coleson October 21, 2014
Want to become the World Champion? Now you can! Find out what we thought of the new MyCareer mode in WWE2K15


EGX 2014: Lords of the Fallen Preview

by Dominic Coleson October 21, 2014
Find out what we thought of Lords of the Fallen from the EGX 2014 demo. Is it a worthy competitor to the Souls Series?

EGX 2014: Dead Island 2 Preview

by Dominic Coleson October 20, 2014
Zombies in Paradise. Find out how your holiday can change forever in our preview of Dead Island 2 from EGX


VGU Tests: Logitech G19S Keyboard

by Dominic Coleson October 14, 2014
We take a look at the G19S keyboard from Logitech in a simple overlook test. How does it play out in game?


VGU Tests: Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

by Dominic Coleson October 13, 2014
Find out what we thought of the Logitech G602 wireless mouse in this basic overlook test

EGX 2014: Dying Light Interview

by Dominic Coleson October 12, 2014
We were able to sit down with the lead designer of Dying light during EGX this year. Find out what he said about the game