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VGU Talks: Why EGX 2014 Is Going To Be Huge

by Dominic Coleson August 29, 2014
In comparison to last year, EGX this year is promising to be the best. Find out why from one of our writers

VGU Talks: What Is EGX?

by Dominic Coleson August 29, 2014
EGX is the biggest gaming convention in the UK. But what does it really have in store for us gamers?


VGU Talks: EGX 2014 Line-Up

by Dominic Coleson August 28, 2014
With the biggest gaming expo in the UK returning, what is the line-up for this years EGX?

Warriors Orochi3UltimateTalks

VGU Talks: The New Characters Of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

by Dominic Coleson August 27, 2014
With new fighters appearing and crossing over from other games, what do we know of the new additions to Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate's roster?

M15 Core Set Clash Pack Review: Fate & Fury

by Dominic Coleson August 27, 2014
With a brand new product released by Wizards of the Coast, does the clash pack bring more bang for your buck in the new M15 Core Set?

HDPVR Rocket

Hauppage HD PVR Rocket Review

by Dominic Coleson August 21, 2014
With a new device that is catered to gamers wanting to record their devices wherever they go, is the Rocket the idea HD PVR for game capture enthusiasts?

VGU Talks: Bloodborne Gameplay Analysis

by Dominic Coleson August 21, 2014
The PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has shown off some new gameplay, but what have we found out from it?


M15 Intro Pack Review: Will of the Masses

by Dominic Coleson August 20, 2014
With the new core set now in the hands of new and old players alike, what do we think of the M15 white and green intro pack?


VGU Talks: Best Of Microsoft | Gamescom 2014

by Dominic Coleson August 16, 2014
With Microsoft taking to the stage at this years Gamescom in Germany, what does one of our writers think of their line-up?

VGU Talks: Best Of Sony | Gamescom 2014

by Dominic Coleson August 15, 2014
Gamescom's conferences are under way, but how was Sony's? Find out what one of our writers best moments of their show were