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Dragonball Xenoverse’s Newest Character Revealed To Be A Super Saiyan

by Dominic Coleson July 24, 2014
The new and mysterious character from Bandai Namco's upcoming Dragonball Z title could share the legendary powers of the Saiyan race. Is the Xenoverse in serious danger?
Wildstar Features Trailer thumb

Wildstar Prepares For Sabotage Content

by Dominic Coleson July 24, 2014
NCSOFT Release a new PvP orientated patch of content for MMORPG Wildstar


VGU Talks: Sting Revealed For WWE 2K15

by Dominic Coleson July 18, 2014
Flex those muscles and get ready to scream as a legendary icon enters his first WWE game. But is he worth the pre-order?


VGU Talks: Thoughts on Battleborn

by Dominic Coleson July 15, 2014
Gearbox and 2K are producing Battleborn, which will take a new spin on the world of MOBAs. But what are the thoughts of one of our writers?

Magic 2015 Duels Of The Planeswalkers Now Available On iPad

by Dominic Coleson July 11, 2014
Hunt bigger game this year as the Planeswalkers series returns, first exclusively to iPad


VGU Talks: Violence In Video Games

by Dominic Coleson July 11, 2014
There are many games made with an emphasis on violence, but are games wrong to benefit and are gamers turning into trained killers?

VGU Talks: Let It Die Gameplay Explained

by Dominic Coleson July 7, 2014
With More Than Just One Way To Die, What Can We Expect From Suda51's Newest Title, Let It Die?


Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Review

by Dominic Coleson July 4, 2014
With more suits, more pilots and more action than ever before, does the Dynasty Warriors Gundam series get any better with Reborn?


WWE 2K15 Reveal John Cena As The Cover Superstar

by Dominic Coleson July 2, 2014
Newly crowned WWE Champion is now the figure head for the upcoming wrestling game, WWE2K15

VGU Talks: Neutral World of Warcraft Character Reaches Level 90

by Dominic Coleson June 24, 2014
After many days grinding from level one to ninety, a player in World of Warcraft has done the unthinkable. Should he gain a medal for his efforts?