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Larian Drops Free Companion DLC For Divinity: Original Sin

by Will Fidleron September 16, 2014
The Bear and The Burglar are now ready to help you on your travels around Cyseal
Payday 2 Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami Crossing Over Into A Payday 2 DLC Pack Later This Month

by Will Fidleron September 15, 2014
Things will warm up for the Payday 2 crew as they take a trip down to Miami for a DLC cross-over


Lego: The Hobbit Review

by Will Fidleron July 12, 2014
Is Lego: The Hobbit Worthy of Smaug's Treasure Collection, Or Is It Best Left Hidden Under The Mountain?


E3 2014 – Assassin’s Creed: Unity Details Emerge

by Will Fidleron June 9, 2014
More Assassin's Creed: Unity details revealed at E3 2014
SteelSeries Logo

Steelseries 9H Headset Review

by Will Fidleron June 3, 2014
Does The Top-Of-The-Line SteelSeries 9H Come Out As King Of The Hill?

Deus Ex Concept

Five Games Series That Should Continue As Comics

by Will Fidleron March 30, 2014
Will Looks At Five Games He Would Love To See Continued Through Comics
Half-Minute Hero The Second Coming

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming Intro Is A Short, Sharp Injection Of Drama

by Will Fidleron March 30, 2014
Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming Trailer Features Betrayal And Revenge Crammed Into 26 Seconds


Ubisoft VP Believes It Would Be “Very Stupid” To Not Have Annual Assassin’s Creed Titles

by Will Fidleron March 30, 2014
Ubisoft Explains Why They Are Giving Gamers What They Want With Annual Assassin's Creed Releases

Final Fantasy X logo

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Review

by Will Fidleron March 28, 2014
Is Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Still Worth Playing Thirteen Years On?
Mass Effect Love

Why Can’t We Learn To Love?

by Will Fidleron March 23, 2014
Games Forever Show War, But Where Has All The Love Gone?