3DS SSB Leak

New Super Smash Bros Leak Details: Videos show Shulk, Ganondorf and Bowser Jr. In Action

by Sam Foxallon August 25, 2014
The plot thickens today as videos showing the leaked characters from Super Smash Bros surface online.

Persona 5 Confirmed For Tokyo Game Show?

by Rob Pritchardon July 28, 2014
After many months of silence, it has apparently been announced that ATLUS have confirmed the presence of Persona 5 at TGS.


Yu-Gi-Oh!: Lightsworn Archer in Duellist Alliance?

by Daniel Clarkeon July 6, 2014
Do you like the Lightsworn archtype in Yu-Gi-Oh!? Are you happy with the recent release of the related Structure deck? Well it might be exciting to consider the possibility of more Lightsworn support in the next set Duellist Alliance.


Sony Registers Dark Chronicle Trademark

by Rob Pritchardon April 26, 2014
Is time changing for the LEVEL 5 PS2 classic, or will it remain as part of the past?

Bioware’s New Game: Mass Effect Prequel?

by Daniel Clarkeon April 13, 2014
Are you a fan of Bioware? Do you like the Mass Effect universe? Then you might like to know there are rumours of a prequel.


Borderlands 2 Prequel Rumoured for 2014 Release

by Amy Conwayon April 7, 2014
Could a new Borderlands game be on the cards?

Next Grand Theft Auto set in New York?

by Laura Rohanon April 4, 2014
Could we be rampaging around the streets of New York in the next Grand Theft Auto?


Microsoft Trademarks ‘Secrets and Treasure’

by Laura Rohanon March 24, 2014
Microsoft have trademarked Secrets and Treasure as 'game software'


Next Assassin’s Creed set in Renaissance France

by Laura Rohanon March 19, 2014
Leaked images show the new Assassin's Creed to be set in Paris.

Future Lords of Shadow 2 DLC Found in Game Text Files

by Amy Conwayon March 2, 2014
A few attentive gamers have found hidden content in Lords of Shadow 2.