Epic Games Making Unreal Engine 4 Available to Everyone

by Laura Rohanon March 19, 2014
Epic Games will be giving Unreal Engine 4 users “access to everything.”

Xbox One to Launch in 26 new Markets in September

by Laura Rohanon March 18, 2014
Xbox One will become available in 26 additional countries as of September.

Drive Club PS4 Evolution

Amazon Lists September DriveClub Release Date

by Laura Rohanon March 17, 2014
Amazon has 'outed' the release date for DriveClub.


PlayStation 4 Now More Expensive in Canada

by Laura Rohanon March 16, 2014
There has been a price hike on PlayStation 4 and accessories in Canada.

GOG Reverses Regional Pricing Decision

by Will Fidleron March 16, 2014
GOG Change Controversial Regional Pricing Policy

Secret World

Financial Investigation Into Funcom “Over Very Fast” Describes CEO

by Will Fidleron March 15, 2014
Funcom's Involvement With Insider Trading Allegations Are Ongoing According To CEO
The Last Of Us Banner

The Last of Us Passes 6 Million Sales

by Laura Rohanon March 14, 2014
The Last of Us is the fastest selling PS3 title of 2013.

Gears Main

Epic Games Officially Ending Involvement With Gears Of War Through Social Media

by Will Fidleron March 8, 2014
Epic Games Hand Over Gears Of War Social Media Keys To Black Tusk Studio


Watch Dogs Delays Explained By Ubisoft

by Laura Rohanon March 6, 2014
Ubisoft has spoken out about the initial delays to Watch Dogs and the delay on the Wii U version of the title.

Huge Layoffs at Disney Interactive

by Laura Rohanon March 6, 2014
Around 700 people have been laid-off from Disneys video game division.