Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun – What It Got Right & Wrong

by Sean Humphreyson February 23, 2015
A new video shows what the cancelled successor to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver would have been like, and we weigh with in our thoughts.

VGU Talks: The Problems With Triple A Games

by Dominic Coleson February 23, 2015
One of our writers talks about his opinions on Triple A games and how they are getting worse whilst cheaper or free games are getting better


VGU Talks: How Evolve’s Gameplay Could Evolve

by Dominic Coleson February 12, 2015
With Evolve now out, one of our writers thinks there is room for improvement. Have a look and see how he thinks the game could have Evolved


VGU Talks: A Metal Gear Solid Open-World Remake

by Dominic Coleson February 3, 2015
Hideo Kojima would love to make a remake of the 1998 classic, Metal Gear Solid. But would an open-world spectacle be coming any time soon?

VGU Talks: Bro Team Pill vs Angry Joe

by Dominic Coleson January 31, 2015
A video belonging to Angry Joe has been taken down by Bro Team Pill. Who is in the right as Fair Use is once again brought into question?


VGU Talks: Destiny vs Warframe Round 2

by Dominic Coleson January 27, 2015
Last year Dom made his opinions heard with the debate of Destiny vs Warframe. Now that we are in 2015, has his opinion changed?
wii u controller

5 Wii Games That Should Be Digitally Released On The Wii U

by Rob Pritchardon January 20, 2015
In an interesting move, Nintendo have decided to re-release selected Wii games onto the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Here are some of the games that could make the grade.


GTA V PC Delay Reaction

by Kieran Clarkeon January 17, 2015
As you may have heard, Rockstar have delayed the PC launch of GTA V. Hands up if you’re not surprised.

No Man's Sky Packshot

How No Man’s Sky Could Change Gaming

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson January 16, 2015
  Hello Games have seemingly broke through a huge barrier in games design, with procedural generation being taken to another level.
Melee Splash

Smashing or Smashed? The State of the Smash Scene

by Sam Foxallon January 10, 2015
The recent release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U has caused the Smash scene to enter a weird transitional phase? Will it come out of it a stock up, or will it self destruct?