VGU Talks: Destiny vs Warframe

by Dominic Coleson September 15, 2014
After being in the middle of an interplanetary war, what does one of our writers think about the war between Destiny vs Warframe

Super Smash Bros: Final Five Predictions

by Sam Foxallon September 9, 2014
With Super Smash Bros for 3DS being released in Japan on the 13th, we list who could be the Final Five characters that are yet to be revealed.

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F1 2014 – Not Another Sports Franchise?

by Kieran Clarkeon September 9, 2014
With the release of the latest Formula One title, F1 2014, on the horizon and F1 2015 announced, I’m beginning to question the progression within the Codemasters series.


Gamers aren’t dead, it’s just that being a gamer doesn’t mean anything

by Ian Stokeson September 4, 2014
When you call yourself a gamer, you're being pretty damn vague about yourself.

VGU Interviews: GoD Factory: Wingmen Part 1

by Ian Stokeson September 2, 2014
We got the chance to have a chat with Guillaume Boucher-Vidal about his new game, GoD Factory: Wingmen.

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Insert Coin to Revive: The State of Arcades

by Sam Foxallon August 31, 2014
Hearing the backlash to Pokkén Tournament being released in arcades first, we take a look at the state of arcades in general.

VGU Talks: Why EGX 2014 Is Going To Be Huge

by Dominic Coleson August 29, 2014
In comparison to last year, EGX this year is promising to be the best. Find out why from one of our writers


VGU Talks: What Is EGX?

by Dominic Coleson August 29, 2014
EGX is the biggest gaming convention in the UK. But what does it really have in store for us gamers?


VGU Talks: EGX 2014 Line-Up

by Dominic Coleson August 28, 2014
With the biggest gaming expo in the UK returning, what is the line-up for this years EGX?
Warriors Orochi3UltimateTalks

VGU Talks: The New Characters Of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

by Dominic Coleson August 27, 2014
With new fighters appearing and crossing over from other games, what do we know of the new additions to Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate's roster?