DayZ Clones

DayZ Clones: Do We Need Them?

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson July 29, 2014
There are a huge amount of games that have drawn inspiration from Bohemia Interactives DayZ, but are they any good?

The Destiny Beta was brilliant, but it has me worried…

by Ian Stokeson July 29, 2014
The Destiny beta was fantastic fun, but it does leave me with more than a few concerns about Bungie's new epic.

Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan Impressions

by Sam Foxallon July 28, 2014
With Hyper Japan having come and gone, let's get some impressions of some of the games that were on show at the event.

No Man's Sky Packshot

No Man’s Sky: Belief in the Unknown

by Sam Foxallon July 19, 2014
It's the game that has many of us excited, but are we putting too much faith in the little information and the mountains of hype about No Man's Sky?

VGU Talks: Sting Revealed For WWE 2K15

by Dominic Coleson July 18, 2014
Flex those muscles and get ready to scream as a legendary icon enters his first WWE game. But is he worth the pre-order?

The GSM Splash

The Great Shouting Match: The State of Game Journalism

by Sam Foxallon July 15, 2014
With game journalism seemingly engulfed by a constant string of flame wars and snide comments, let's hear someone's opinion on the whole messy business.

VGU Talks: Thoughts on Battleborn

by Dominic Coleson July 15, 2014
Gearbox and 2K are producing Battleborn, which will take a new spin on the world of MOBAs. But what are the thoughts of one of our writers?

Dota vs League

MOBA Madness: This Generation’s MMO Rush

by Sam Foxallon July 14, 2014
History seems to be repeating itself, as the current MOBA rush is becoming eerily similar to the MMO rush (and subsequent crash) of the late 2000s.


VGU Talks: Violence In Video Games

by Dominic Coleson July 11, 2014
There are many games made with an emphasis on violence, but are games wrong to benefit and are gamers turning into trained killers?

VGU Talks: Let It Die Gameplay Explained

by Dominic Coleson July 7, 2014
With More Than Just One Way To Die, What Can We Expect From Suda51's Newest Title, Let It Die?