Mario Speedrun Record

Glitching at High Speed: The Art of Speedrunning

by Sam Foxallon April 24, 2014
People beating 40 hour long games in 19 minutes or reprogramming games whilst playing them. All are possible in the world of speedrunning.

Five dragons even St George wouldn’t want to slay

by Richard Newtonon April 23, 2014
Today in England we celebrate St Georges day, here's some dragons we glad he let live.


Getting Hype: Why Fighting Games are the Best Esport

by Sam Foxallon April 22, 2014
Get your fight sticks and light those torches, as we discuss why fighting games are the best esport.


Pay if you wanna go faster!

by Richard Newtonon April 21, 2014
Are the next generation of gamers' progress hampered by the free-to-play market?

Grind or Not to Grind?

by Sam Foxallon April 20, 2014
Get your pepper mills ready as we discuss how grinding is misused as a game mechanic.


An Elegy for A Dead World: An Experimental Writing Game

by Sam Foxallon April 19, 2014
Let us travel to alien worlds, as you write stories and poems in this experimental writing game.

Top 5 Overused Sci-Fi Cliches in Gaming

by Sam Foxallon April 15, 2014
Join us as we run down the top 5 overused sci-fi clichés in gaming.

TheEvilWithin Talks

VGU Talks: The Evil Within Lacks Horror

by Dominic Coleson April 14, 2014
The Evil Within comes under fire from IGN as they state the games massive flaw. Find out what one of our team has to say.


Backwards Compatibility: Essential Feature or Unneeded Add-on?

by Sam Foxallon April 14, 2014
Backwards compatibility is a hotly contested issue amongst companies and gamers. Time to hold court on the issue.
Journey Into Nyx Thumb

VGU Talks: Journey Into Nyx Spoilers To Look Out For

by Dominic Coleson April 13, 2014
Elspeth teams up with Ajani to take on the gods as they Journey Into Nyx. Spoilers of the set are flying everywhere, but which ones should you look out for?