The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Review

by Rob Pritchardon February 17, 2015
It is time to return to a world of fantasy and adventure in The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Will the new adventure prove to be legendary?

Candy Crush gets Valentine’s Day Red Candy Challenge

by Luke Walshon February 13, 2015
King have a special Valentine's Day Candy Crush Saga event. Match enough red candies within 24 hours and get free gold bars and a lollipop hammer.


ViewSonic VG2401mh Review

by Luke Walshon February 12, 2015
Monitors are the hardware a lot of gamers probably undervalue. The ViewSonic VG2401mh 24” LCD gaming monitor is the one that looks to change that. If you are not an avid FPS gamer you might not notice how valuable a fast refresh rate and low latency is for a monitor. Behind the idea is that, […]


Life is Strange Episode One – Chrysalis Review

by Ian Stokeson February 4, 2015
This is a story all about how, her life got flip-turned upside down…

Funk of Titans Review

by Ian Stokeson January 22, 2015
Sounds like someone wants to get... funky. We check out ID@Xbox's latest offering.


VGU’s Winter Survival Guide: The Gaming Edition

by Luke Walshon January 20, 2015
The weather outside is still pretty frightful. So gamers, here are some tips in our Winter Survival Guide: Gamer's Edition.

Games with Gold Versus PlayStation Plus 2014

by Rob Pritchardon December 31, 2014
Although they were introduced many years apart, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus have become two of the most popular premium subscription services available. Aside from the fact you need to be a subscriber to take part in online multiplayer on PS4 and Xbox, the free games that become available to download each month, along […]


Top 5 Local Co-op Games for the Holidays

by Callam Lawlesson December 30, 2014
In the times before online gaming and the madness here are some of the best games to play with your friends and family over the Christmas and holiday period.

The new version of Hidden Palace in action, complete with a brand new boss.

Top 10 Sonic Games of all Time

by Sean Humphreyson December 29, 2014
The Sonic the Hedgehog series launched in 1991 and delivered a platformer that featured a then-revolutionary usage of momentum and physics to create dazzling speedy gameplay. With Sonic Boom causing chaos among critics, it’s time to remind ourselves why the series has endured for over twenty years, and what made it good in the first […]
This third title really puts the dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Winners and Losers of 2014

by Sam Foxallon December 24, 2014
As is customary this time of year, let's look back over the winners and losers of 2014.