Five dragons even St George wouldn’t want to slay

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Today in England we celebrate St Georges day, here's some dragons we glad he let live.

Getting Hype: Why Fighting Games are the Best Esport

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Grind or Not to Grind?

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Top 5 Overused Sci-Fi Cliches in Gaming

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Backwards Compatibility: Essential Feature or Unneeded Add-on?

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Top 5 Most Annoying Ways to Die in Titanfall

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The Greatest Plot Twists in Gaming

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Titanfall Review

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GMod Machinima edit

Top 5 Machinimas… That Aren’t RvB

by Callam Lawlesson April 6, 2014
A short top 5 list of Machinimas that focus on the strengths and weaknesses that any film maker can encounter.

Alien Isolation Preview

by Ian Stokeson April 5, 2014
Alien Isolation’s tagline asks “How will you survive?” After playing through the demo of the game, I can confidently answer that question; I won’t.