VGU’s Winter Survival Guide: The Gaming Edition

by Luke Walshon January 20, 2015
The weather outside is still pretty frightful. So gamers, here are some tips in our Winter Survival Guide: Gamer's Edition.
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Breaking the Silence – An interview with SilentSentry

by Kieron Davieson July 14, 2014
We sit down with Twitch streamer SilentSentry to talk about being a new streamer.


VGU Interviews: MechRunner

by Dominic Coleson April 29, 2014
We were able to ask Spark Plug Games some questions on their current Kickstarter project MechRunner. Find out what the developers had to say.


Civilization Beyond Earth + Europe = Winning

by Ian Stokeson April 13, 2014
We're heading for Venus and still we stand tall.

Aggression From Playing Video Games Likely Linked to Gameplay Mechanics

by Laura Rohanon April 7, 2014
A study has found gameplaymechanics are more likely to make you lash out than any violent content.


Microsoft tease an Xbox One Exclusive from ‘Woderful’ Japanese Dev

by Laura Rohanon March 24, 2014
Microsoft could be announcing a new exclusive for the Xbox One this year.

League of Legends and Game of Thrones Join in a Promotional Campaign

by Laura Rohanon March 23, 2014
Riot Games and HBO have paired up to release a promotional campaign joining the Game of Thrones series and League of Legends franchise.


More Xbox One Games will run in 1080p in Time

by Laura Rohanon March 19, 2014
Xbox One games will run in 1080p…at some point.


Gauntlet Reboot Annouced by Warner Bros

by Laura Rohanon March 17, 2014
The cult classic is back as part of Warner Bros Games Vault.

Groupees Assembles Another Build A Bundle

by Rob Pritchardon March 15, 2014
Indie bundle retailer Groupees have revealed their latest buy what you want promotional collection.