Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming Holiday 2016

In probably one of the quickest Nintendo Directs of all time, Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara officially revealed the 7th generation of Pokemon, with Pokemon Sun and Moon. These two new games were discovered yesterday via eager fans combing through the EU Trademark database for new games and finding the logos for these installments of the franchise.

Not much else was revealed about Pokemon Sun and Moon, apart from that it is coming to 3DS in the Holiday season of this year and that it will now be available in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, along with the 7 language options that were available in Pokemon X and Y. More and more people from around the world can now join in with Pokemon, thanks to these language options and the simultaneous worldwide release of Sun and Moon.

Ishihara also announced that if you buy the eShop versions of Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow, you will be able to transfer Pokemon caught in that version to the online Pokemon Bank and then import them into Pokemon Sun and Moon. Every Pokemon generation is now linked to the Pokemon Bank in some way, meaning dedicated trainers can feasibly catch them all if they have every version and a Pokemon Bank account.