Cyberith Launches Omnidirectional Treadmill For Virtual Reality On Kickstarter

Want to be more in tune with your game and really get immersed while also keeping fit? This might be for you the Cyberith Omnidirectional Treadmill for Virtual Reality.

On July 23rd Cyberith started a Kickstarter Campaign for Virtualizer. This is a Omnidirectional Treadmill that allows user to walk, run, jump, crouch and do all the other movements you want to do in a game. Might not let you fly though…

With the Kickstarter Cyberith is offering the Virtualizer HT which adds haptic feedback for the most immersive VR experience possible.


Cyberith are realising the Virtualizer to move development of consumer ready VR to a new level. With recent advances of head mounted displays such as the Oculus and Sony VR there is a gap for input devices to translate the users motions and this is what Cyberith seem to be pushing.

Don’t want to use your mouse and keyboard and be stuck in your chair? Cyberith got your back.

If you want to grab yourself one of the prototypes you can starting from $599 and this is based on the 3rd gen prototype.

“We feel that the ongoing virtual reality revolution is something that has been caused solely by the enthusiasm of a strong community, so it seemed only fitting to involve them in the process of making the Virtualizer available to a broader audience. We want to give developers and early adopters the chance to experiment with the device as soon as possible. Developers will be able to integrate and test it with their games and give us their feedback, so we can further optimize the Virtualizer,” said Tuncay Cakmak, CEO and founder of Cyberith.


The Kickstarter is there to integrate haptic feedback into the Virtualizer calling it the Virtualizer HT. The user will be able to feel the feedback from the environment in the game surrounding them. Further looking to increase immersion along with the head mounted display.

This sounds like a cool idea but will is do well or is it another gimmick in the VR market? A lot of questions will surely crop up and we will be keeping an eye on the development to see when we can get all hands on deck to try it out.

If you want to know more about the Virtualizer or the Virtualizer HT head over to Cyberith’s Kickstarter for more or go buy yourself the 3rd gen prototype.