BetaDwarf Announces FORCED 2: The Rush Coming to Steam in 2015

BetaDwarf are at it again and have announced that FORCED 2 the sequel to FORCED will be coming to Steam in 2015.

The independent studio will be giving you another taste FORCED the rouge like, tactical arena combat. FORCED 2 will still be rouge like and will put groups of gladiators against deadly traps and violent creatures until only one side remains.

The latest title will be shown for the first time at GamesCom 2014 in Cologne in August.

“From our meagre beginnings as a passionate development studio with the drive to survive, we are excited to now announce that we are working on the next iteration of our flagship title, FORCED”, said Steffen Kabbelgaard, CEO of BetaDwarf.

The team are looking forward at revealing the title at GamesCom and want players to stop by to let them know what they think of the game. We are unsure if they will have a playable demo but we hope so!

Check out the first screenshot below.