2 New Characters for Rise Of The Incarnates Detailed

Upcoming Free to play title from Bandai Namco, Rise Of The Incarnates, is a 2 vs 2 3D brawling game set in various real life locations, including the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, or Big Ben in London.

Rise of The Incarnates features character with special  powers, that seem to be connected to multiple gods, myths and other deities. With high octane, fast paced combat, unique abilities, and destructible environments, fights quickly reach epic proportions.

Two new characters were revealed recently, and the details and back stories for these characters were also published by Bandai Namco

“• Erendira Quinn / Brynhildr : A childhood of abuse at the hands of her father ended the day she awoke as an incarnate. Fear of retribution for his violence led the man to take his own life a few years later. Already isolated by her status as an incarnate, Quinn faced further alienation as she was passed from orphanage to orphanage, ultimately ending up at a facility run by the United States federal government.
Dreaming of a society in which incarnates could coexist with normal humans free from discrimination; she began to seek out ways to contribute towards the greater good of the world. Yet headlines about incarnate crimes and acts of terror indelibly marked her kind as a threat to be feared by the general public. Her frustrations grew into a deep resentment of the rampaging incarnates, and she came to believe that the tremendous power incarnates hold required an even more powerful system of law and justice to restrain it. She found that power as commander of the Wild Hunt.

• Reinhold Kruger / Odin : Feared as the kingpin of the EU, age has not dulled Kruger’s fangs, nor his ambitions. Under the guise of retirement, he is secretly at work unfurling a new scheme: a pan-European revolution at the hands of the incarnates to secure their human rights–and to heighten their power to greatest extent possible. In his arsenal is the unparalleled intelligence network “Odin’s Eye,” the ranks of incarnates under his command, and the multi-legged assault tank “Sleipnir” he pilots. All of the pieces are in place for his plan to assassinate a host of key figures and overturn the European power structure…
Yet now he has dispatched a portion of the force he gathered for his revolution to America. Men as calculating as Kruger seldom alter long-laid plans for no reason–behind this change lie the whispers of another, fed directly into his brain. And by its bidding, Kruger now turns his attentions from Europe to the United States, where the Prophet is being held in secret.”

Images of the characters have yet to be released, but a short video presented at E3 shows off some of the characters gameplay.


For more information about the game and its characters, check out their site.

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