Eight New Characters Coming to Killer Instinct Season Two

During a recent Play XBLA stream, Killer Instinct‘s new developers, Iron Galaxy, revealed that eight new characters are on the way to the game in Season Two. This will double the current roster, after Cyborg Knight Fulgore joined the ranks earlier this month in a title update.

With the only confirmed addition taking the form of UltraTech ARIA, who will be the final boss of Season Two’s story mode, it’s just about anybody’s guess who the other seven could be. Though Iron Galaxy did hint at the likes of Riptor, Cinder, Tusk, and T.J. Combo joining the fray, fans have plenty of room for speculation as nothing was stated for certain.

Not taking their new developer status lightly, Iron Galaxy also revealed that they are hoping to add ‘Ultimates’ and ‘No Mercy’ to the new season, which featured in previous Killer Instinct titles. Taking over from Double Helix who were acquired by Amazon, Iron Galaxy seem to be heading in the right direction to really improve upon the current Killer Instinct experience.

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