Conception II Now Available in US and DLC free for limited time

Conception II is now available and to go with the release of the game and the fancy collections edition you can watch the full trailer to get you in the mood.

If you have not already started playing the full game you can still go and get the demo. The save data will transfer over to the full game and it will come along with some free goodies. You can also download the free Disciple Weapon Pack DLC to get five weapons for your party to use. Be quick! The DLC pack is only free for one month.

The Monokuma DLC will be coming in May and will be free. Other DLC will be coming each week so be sure to check out the extras section in over at the Conception II website.

Conception II will be heading over to the EU in May. Both the Demo and the full game will be coming in the same month! Exact dates are to be confirmed but check back with us soon.