Guacamelee! Developers DrinkBox Studios Announce Severed

DrinkBox have announced that their next title will be the edgy gesture-based game Severed, set for release in 2015. Severed will follow the journey of a warrior who has lost part of her arm, as she tries to solve the mysteries that surround her. Along the way she will be chopping up enemies and somehow equipping their body parts, as seen in the image above.

Severed will be a first person title, with a huge emphasis on exploration as you make your way through dungeons, similar to the Guacamelee! set up. As the game is touch-screen intended it will be coming to mobile as a given, but the team are looking into releasing it on other workable platforms, such as 3DS and PS Vita, and maybe branching even further through the Kinect and Playstation Move.

DrinkBox have compared Severed to many other titles in their reveal interview, including Mega Man, Punch-Out and The Legend of Zelda. These may sound like an unusual combination, but the game itself looks pretty impressive as can be seen in the concept trailer below.

With the same quirky art style as Guacamelee! and a killer soundtrack to boot, Severed is looking to be a very promising title. For the full interview with the developers, check out the Destructoid exclusive.