Guild Wars 2: Traits Unleashed

Get ready to shake up your character traits and experience an update to the trait system of Guild Wars 2, with the Feature Pack coming April 2014. This Feature Pack will focus on updates to the current trait system and its ease of point allocation as well as brand new traits for all professions. It will also link in with the exploration of the world know as Tyria. So get your study caps on players, here we go!

Trait Tiers

The first of the changes is trait tiers. From April 2014, you will no longer have to visit a profession trainer and purchase the trait tomes. You will just simply have to reach the level requirement and then spend your points there and then. However, the level caps have been pushed back to lean more into a more meaningful experience from level 30 to 80. Adept traits will unlock at 30, master at 60, and grandmaster at 80.

Look at all the points I can spend!
Look at all the points I can spend!

Trait Points

The second of the changes is trait points. It is being considered that 1 point of the new system is worth 5 of the old one. You will start earning the traits points at level 30 at 1 point per 6 levels until level 66, at which point you will earn 2 points. With these updates, it is easy to navigate and understand and has will help the creation of better character builds.

Refunding Traits

The third of the changes is refunding your traits. Refunding traits will now be free, will be at a click of a button like player verses player (PvP), and will include a minus button for on the spot fine tuning without the pain staking running back and forth to reset.

Unlocking Traits

The forth of the changes is unlocking your traits. After the pack release, all major traits will be locked for now created characters and unlocked for existing. From then on, they will be unlocked from trait guides which will be a new in-game item found by exploring certain parts of the game. These include map completion, dungeons, and personal story missions. This is to encourage the players to explore more of the world of Tyria and dabble with all aspects of the game. There is also the option to buy the trait guide from profession trainers. This brings back a bit of nostalgia as it is similar to the old Guild Wars profession point system.

Turrets with shields?! I have no beef with you buddy...
Turrets with shields?! I have no beef with you buddy…

New Grandmaster Traits

Lastly, there will be new grandmaster traits for all professions. This will range from fortified turrets for the Engineer, to Dual Wield Mastery for the Warrior. Only a few have been revealed thus far but come April 2014, they will be there for all to admire and claim.

So keep an ear out for any more news regarding the Feature Pack and the new trait system. For more information, please head to the official website. Also, please take a look at our article on the new Gem Store Items. Game well.