Yakuza: Ishin Launch Trailer Full Of Feudal Antics

A second non-canon re-imagining of the series, Yakuza: Ishin will be coming out on PS3 and PS4 tomorrow in Japan. Moving away from the modern day Tokyo setting, Sony have released a launch trailer to make sure we know it still has the same Yakuza levels of over-dramatics and utter silliness.

Hitting rewind on the series thus far, Yakuza: Ishin places the series characters in feudal Japan to freshen up the nine year old series. Similar to 2011’s Yakuza: Dead Souls, which placed the cast in a zombie outbreak, Ishin is still a sandbox fighter at heart, but will include new mechanics and features to take advantage of the setting.

While Yakuza: Ishin will be available in Japan tomorrow, February 22, no western release date has been announced. If it follows suit like the rest of the franchise, we may eventually be able to play it eventually.