Xbox One Beta Program Allows Players Preview Future Updates

Microsoft is introducing a new beta program for the Xbox One that will allow users to test system updates before their launch.

Xbox One’s beta program starts today, Feb 20, and Microsoft is inviting selected Xbox Live members to “preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available.” The selected participants will receive a message through Xbox Live inviting them to register to the program.

Microsoft will start introducing the next system update to beta participants sometime next week. Xbox One owners taking part will not be able to use party features with other users who are not previewing the March system update, Microsoft says.

“Features that will not be enabled during the preview include party chat, party invites, party matchmaking and party visibility,” the company said in an email. “Once the March system update becomes available to all consoles worldwide, new party features will function normally for all Xbox One users. If this is an issue, you should consider not signing up for this beta.”

The February system update for the Xbox One was distributed last week, adding in new features and user interface improvements. The next update will add new multiplayer focused features.