The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode 2 Release Window Confirmed

Earlier today on their Facebook page, Telltale confirmed that The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode 2 will be available during early March. They also shared the above screenshot, and announced that an all-new trailer for the episode is on the way, to give fans a taster of their next adventure with Clementine.

Episode 2: A House Divided, is speculated to build upon Clementine and Luke’s relationship, as they face the harsh and deadly world together. It will also see Clementine begin to dig deeper into the past of the survivors she has met, but just what truths she will unravel is anybody’s guess.

Though this episode is a little behind Telltale’s proposed bi-monthly schedule, it is good to see they are getting closer to the mark with their release dates. With any luck, season pass holders won’t suffer the same fate of those who could not access Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 earlier this month, and will be able to download the episode with no problems. That said, as TWAU’s season pass is now active, hopefully Microsoft and Telltale have worked out their issues for good.