Elaborate ‘Glitch’ Marketing Campaign for Xbox One Revealed

In a new video posted today, Microsoft revealed the truth behind their glitchy advertisement for the Xbox One. It was not, as many probably assumed, an accidental occurrence, but the beginning of an exciting and elaborate marketing campaign.

Back in January, an Xbox One advertisement aired on TV that held within it a secret. During the opening sequence, a glitch appeared on screen which made some of the more observant members of the Microsoft community sit up and take note. As it turned out, this glitch was just the first in a trail of online breadcrumbs left by Microsoft, and after 37 hours of unravelling a series of codes and puzzles, a location was finally revealed.

Waiting for one lucky code-breaker at said location was an Xbox One Day One Edition, with an Xbox Live Gold membership and a selection of games. They also picked up a Collector’s Edition of Titanfall, a Limited Edition Titanfall controller, and a VIP Titanfall trip to the USA.

This campaign is a wonderful example of the power of the internet and the creativity of the community, and now everyone can view the fascinating series of events for themselves.