Elaborate ‘Glitch’ Marketing Campaign for Xbox One Revealed


In a new video posted today, Microsoft revealed the truth behind their glitchy advertisement for the Xbox One. It was not, as many probably assumed, an accidental occurrence, but the beginning of an exciting and elaborate marketing campaign.

Back in January, an Xbox One advertisement aired on TV that held within it a secret. During the opening sequence, a glitch appeared on screen which made some of the more observant members of the Microsoft community sit up and take note. As it turned out, this glitch was just the first in a trail of online breadcrumbs left by Microsoft, and after 37 hours of unravelling a series of codes and puzzles, a location was finally revealed.

Waiting for one lucky code-breaker at said location was an Xbox One Day One Edition, with an Xbox Live Gold membership and a selection of games. They also picked up a Collector’s Edition of Titanfall, a Limited Edition Titanfall controller, and a VIP Titanfall trip to the USA.

This campaign is a wonderful example of the power of the internet and the creativity of the community, and now everyone can view the fascinating series of events for themselves.

  • Jason Mounce

    Cool marketing campaign….


    Guess you could say they’re trying really hard to think of ways to give away all the Xbox Ones that are collecting dust in retail stores worldwide. 😉 It’s good that they’re able to give away their leftover stock while publicizing an image of implied-interest and trendiness surrounding the console. Though, I don’t think it’ll do much and this will be forgotten in a few weeks.

    • Hates bad writers.

      Considering it’s selling (in terms of total sales) just fine, mocking it is rather sad. It’s doing better than the 360, and they aren’t giving out after a few weeks of play. A hardy clap for Microsoft, they fucked up less than last time, in fact they’re doing rather well. I think it’s about time you gave credit where it was due.

      • Adrian Jackson

        Cool advertising, love when game companies do this type of marketing. Also @Hates bad writers one word of advice Do not feed it(above you)!

        • Hates bad writers.

          I try not to, but he’s kind of stupid. He seriously thinks a the sales of the PS4 in more than triple the countries is comparable. How delusional do you have to be? Interesting campaign, it’s not interesting me much, but I’m sure it’ll accomplish what it’s trying to do.

          • Jason Mounce

            You can’t call a person with more logic than you as ‘Stupid’ no matter how much you attempt to condescend me, it won’t change the fact that you’re in the wrong and are grasping at straws.

            Calling a person stupid to stroke your ego over the internet is petty sad. You don’t even have reasoning beyond your ridicule, your belittling, your childish means of insulting others because you disagree with them.

            You must be a sad little kid in real life.

          • Hates bad writers.

            You compare sales of two machines in drastically different markets, you’re a laughing stock. But please do go on, I’d love to know how a machine in more than triple the countries is impressive. Let me guess, you’re one of those idiots that thinks it’s the fastest selling console of all time? The Wii disagrees, and has numbers to prove it. The sad part is Nintendo dropped the ball with consumer demand, big time, if they met it the gap would be even larger. The PS4 isn’t selling as great as you think it is, and it certainly isn’t selling much better than the Xbox, especially with it’s FOUR major handicaps.

            I’m always condescending when I talk to stupid people, take the hint. Until you can properly compare the sales, don’t, the only people you’re impressing is PlayStation fanboys just as delusional as you are.

          • Jason Mounce

            You must not have a mirror in your house… no wonder you’re so conceited and deluded.

            No worries, I forgive you – with hopes that in the future, when you grow up and perhaps find a purpose in life, you’ll recover from your problems and become an acceptable human being in society. Continue rambling and arguing for the sake of arguing to stroke your ego. Tell me, how this all makes you feel deep down.

          • jerome james

            @hatesbadwriters:disqus I have one question that i can’t seem to get over from your post. While i agree that the ps4 is sold in more territories..what is the explanation that the xbox is being trounced in the countries where they are similarly available.

            I bought my x1 at launch and i’m in the USA, however i was in the dire minority as most my 360 friends went out and got ps4s. I was finally able to put my hands on one from amazon 3 weeks ago and i don’t agree with you about the “no games” thing. They don’t have as many exclusives released right now, but do you honestly expect sony or any company for that matter to not release any more games?

            But to stay on my original question….where all things are equal, why is the x1 so far behind AND selling less and less every week/month, while the ps4 is not even readily available (in the same territories where they are released:- Just reiterating)

          • Megaman

            Hmmm you ever here of bad PR???Lies spreading around about DRM???PS4 OVER HYPE???So much people thought watch dog was a PS4 Exclusive lol….50% more powerful then the Xbox???Industry insider” CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed …..I mean the list gose on

          • MannGamer

            And there you go again proving your ignorance.
            As of February 8 the PS4 is selling faster than any other home video game console and is currently ahead of the Wii if you compare the numbers.
            I will just post a link for you. Hopefully you learn something cause there is nothing worse than talking a lot an not knowing nothing


          • MannGamer

            And that is where you are so wrong.(Numbers were taken from VGC and their old numbers are accurate since they always fix them after getting official numbers) 
            1)PS4 is ahead of the Xbox One in countries that were Xbox 360 land: UK and US. 
            2) North America (US+Canada+Mexico) represents 57% of Xbox 360 sold 
            3) UK represents 11% of Xbox 360 sold 
            4) If you add UK and North America together they represent 68% of Xbox 360. Now this clearly takes care of your 13 countries vs 48 countries arguments. 
            5) Now let us add two more countries in the mix: German and France which represents about another 8%.Now if I add this to 4) that makes it 75% of Xbox 360 total sale were made in US+Canada+Mexico+UK+Germany+Fr ance… Oooohhhh no, it’s only 6 countries 
            6) Now I still haven’t put the data of the 7 countries left where and it’s already 75% 
            8) Now the 13 countries MS had released the Xbox One are his strongest 13 countries. I had just proved to you that 6 out of those 13 countries represents 75% of Xbox 360 sold. 

            So those 35 more countries would not have sold or add any substantial amount since their 6 out of 13 most strongest market represented 75% of Xbox 360 sold.

        • Jason Mounce

          I’m alright with being given gummies in compensation. Gummies are pretty good. Just ensure not to give ‘Hates bad writers’ any attention as well, he’s a known Xbot who religiously argued and belittles everyone who upsets his little ego as you can see below, he’s already calling me stupid for being silly.

          Xbox fanboys are easy to wound, easy to maim, easy to stir around their insecurities. Do you see me as a person who’s here seeking ill-intent? 🙂 Nope, just being silly, and having insecure fanboys take me overly-seriously over the internet. I have no aura of hostility around me, unlike Youknowwho. (No, not Voldemort)

          • Megaman

            LMMFAO HAAHAHAA How old are you???you suck at this hahahahaha i just had to read your comment out loud hahahahahahaha your the joke of my house right now….I love you Sony fans i get a good laugh 🙂 Why are you even on this site???Can you tell me another joke we need a laugh over here but can you say something thats not expected??? 🙂

      • Jason Mounce

        It’s selling fine….but if we’re going to look at the Whole picture? 🙂 It’s being stomped by its competitor. This is fact, I never disputed or said it wasn’t selling well – but I’m not WRONG in saying that their stock is sitting on shelves, because it is Truth, that Xbox One is not as high in demand as PS4 which? When it arrives, is sold out over and over again.

        So 😀 Where my post was OBVIOUS that I was aiming to rustle some jimmies, there really is no need to be defensive since I simply jabbed the Xbox One, but nowhere did I state a fallacy 😉 You act like I insulted your family. Now that is what I’d say is rather sad.

        It simply is astounding, more to me, that PS4 is selling better than what PS1 and PS2 did. This being where people thought consoles were dying or something. PS4 reached 5.3 Million in 3 months. It took PS1/2 like, 7-15 months to reach that.

        Outside of that? I’ve been seeing stores trying to get rid of X1 stock by offering ‘$50 off’ or some forms of deals to get it out of retail markets. Has Sony arranged deals with retailers to help speed up sales like this? Nope. 😀 I’m allowed to mock whatever I wish whether you disagree with it, become defensive or otherwise, just as you can insecurely defend a hunk of plastic and circuitry as if its your family member.

        As for Credit where credit is due? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..HAHAHA… It’s like the Xdrones forget about how Microsoft tried to screw over their fanbase, AGAIN with their DRM stunt, have you all but forgiven their stunt and thought it was a ‘mistake and they should be forgiven’? That their $100-More for ‘Kinect’ being forced on you, for inferior technology and hyperbole hype of ‘Teh Cloud’ is commendable? The only thing Microsoft did right so far is fix the Original Xbox controller from the Shoebox-sized controller that it was long ago to the one that it is now, as their controller had caused a revelation in comfortability where people could then have a choice of preference whereas it was just ‘NIntendos’ whacky controllers’ or Dualshock, and any game commercial ad or TV series that featured a Game controller in any way, shape or form – Was Dualshock. With Xbox’s controller design Microsoft made their controller the easiest to notice and associate to Games/Gamers. I give props then on that 🙂 As for Hardware? Nothing is commendable. Only thing that made me buy a 360 was for Games that Microsoft didn’t even make themselves, so it was the coincidence that some exclusives that were on 360, just happened to not be on PS3, warranting me to pay $99 for an Arcade model to play Lost Odyssey.

        • Hates bad writers.

          Being beat in sales, software is a different battle. I could care less how well it sells, if that was the case you must be a Call of Duty fanboy, right? Software matters, and right now Sony is losing that battle, and they’re losing pretty bad. I’m patiently waiting for the Order, but they need more, Microsoft already has a few good titles out, and Titanfall as surprisingly a blast. As of now we have ZERO worthwhile exclusives on the PS4 worth purchasing the platform for, the Xbox is a different story.

          And the next time you compare sales (like all fanboys do) try to incorporate the price advantage, brand name advantage, and the simple fact that it’s sold in more than 3 times the countries with less than double the sales. Hopefully that was a nice cold splash back to reality, it’s not being trumped in any front, not even close. As soon as Microsoft is in 35 more countries we’ll compare again, until then we can quit being delusional. Great machine, no games, at least not yet, and that’s what matters.

          • MannGamer

            Lmao at how microsoft spinning works with you guys.
            Ps4 have sold the most hardware and sotffware than Xbox One.
            And since you are so ignorant about something thst obvious there is no point continuing addressing your other poins… lmao

          • Dan Harvey

            PS4 has sold more software for all multi-platform games than the XB1. and has sold more games total than the XB1. The PS4s highest selling exclusive is outselling the XB1s highest selling exclusive. Even if you wanted to include previous generations in the software totals, Microsoft would still be lagging behind by approx. 900m units. Considering the 360 has only sold around 580m units in nearly 9 years, it’s not looking good for your theory.
            Just because its for sale in more countries doesn’t mean it’s going to sell 70m in each country. You’ve got to account for the populations.
            You do realise that the 360 will always have an entire years worth of sales advantage over the PS3 and the PS3 has sold more units (and has ALWAYS cost more than the 360)…to me that shows that the games available on the 360 were either too similar or just not good enough.
            The PS4 is selling quicker than the PS1, the PS2 and the PS3 did.

            Oh and i’ve played the Titanfall Beta, once you get over the gimmick of using Mechs, it’s just another FPS very little innovation. It’s a bit like Brink but with robots.

      • Jecht_Sin

        The Xbox One has sales similar to the ones of the Wii U after launch. Big sales until end of december (3 million for each console), an huge drop in sales the following weeks. The PS3 is currently selling as much as the Xbone.

    • Megaman

      Great joke *coughs* so original….Do you no who produced more systems???Sony or Microsoft???Don’t google it you should no this since you seem to have lame jokes that doesn’t make you look smart…Just makes you look like a troll…But maybe you like being a troll or a dork nerd geek looser w.e. you are….Maybe your mad that PS4 has no games and there only selling because of lies spread by people like yourself….Who knows what your motive is but get a life and Play games

      • Jecht_Sin

        Huh? You mean that MS produced more consoles than Sony? They still have to sell the 3.9 million shipped in January. What is MS doing, manufacturing more dust collectors then? Oh the other side instead Sony can’t satisfy the demand. See how it works.

        • Megaman

          It’s called strategy fool…learn how bussines works….the Wii Did the same thing….if Sony was on this demand for there over hyped system then are you telling me that people don’t buy these video game machines for games anymore???the only thing collecting dust is your brain….See how that work???

        • Megaman

          Same thing the Wii did…how can Xbox be collecting dust if there selling more systems then the 360 did at launch???I guess titan fall will collect dust to right ???your acting as if the systems have been out for years….news flash dork games sell systems not hype an people like you….you sound like your on your period right now….eat some ice cream