Angry Birds Site Hacked & Turned Into Spying Birds

angry birds 2

Hackers have attacked the main page of Angry Birds and changed the splash image that greets viewers upon visiting. The attack changes the text over the main image to read “Spying Birds”, and features an NSA logo, reports the BBC.

Finnish developer behind the game, Rovio, says that it doesn’t provide end user data to government surveillance agencies such as the NSA or GCHQ in a press release on their official page. The image has since been removed and replaced with the proper one, with Rovio saying it was caught and fixed “in minutes”.

The attack was obviously in response to the revelations uncovered by Edward Snowden, who unearthed an official document claiming to spy on Android players of Angry Birds.

As for who the hackers are, the exact hackers are unknown the Syrian Electronic Army (a known hacker group) claimed to have been sent a link to the page after it was hacked with the message:

 “A friend hacked and defaced @Angrybirds website after reports confirms its spying on people. The attack was by ‘Anti-NSA’ Hacker, He sent an email to our official email with the link of the hacked website.”

The Angry Birds website now reads as normal, and it’s looking unlikely that it will happen again anytime soon.