Destiny of Spirits Details Released

 Destiny of Spirits, a co-op, free-to-play title for the PS Vita has displayed more details on the games design via the PlayStation blog today. 

The world collection and use of powerful spirits is based upon three core items, Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs. 

Spirit Points: Are used to merge and rent Spirits from other Spirit Masters around the world.

Summoning Stones: Used to summon Spirits to add to your collection.

Destiny Orbs:  The most powerful magical substance in this world. You can obtain powerful Spirits by using Destiny Orbs for Advanced Summoning and Limited-Time Summoning opportunities. They can also be used to restore the HP of your Spirits, bring defeated Spirits back into the battle, and control time.

The system used to earn new spirits to your collection has also been displayed. Spirits are brought into existence through the use of Destiny Orbs and Summoning Stones. Spirits can later be merged in order to gain more experience points and for your characters to level up. The base spirit will gain these new powers whilst the enhancer spirits will be sacrificed in the process.

Players can also rent supporter spirits. Those which you can borrow from a friend locally and it will aid you in your battles.There is to be Closed Beta Test for Destiny of Spirits from October 24th until October 31st where the game will be put into further testing. 

Check out the trailer below for more information on Destiny of Spirits.


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