Kickstarter project Wildman has new tiers and a video update

New tiers have been added to the Kickstarter game Wildman, costing $5 and $10, along with a new video update detailing how it fits RTS elements into an action-RPG. 

The new $5 edition, also known as the Forum Edition, gives you “immediate access to the Wildman forum when the Kickstarter has completed; non-backers will only have read-only access”. The $10 edition gives players the chance to play an “exclusive pre-release Wildman beta” and it also includes the forum access. Any pledges above the two tiers will receive these awards as well as the relevant tiers. 

Their latest video walks you through the design for Wildman and delivers insight into how they have worked an RTS into an action-RPG:

Wildman still has 20 days to go and has raised $326, 550 of the $1,100,000 total goal. Currently it has 6,261 backers and you could add one more to that figure. To back the project make sure you visit the Wildman Kickstarter page, which has more information on the game and a whole host of video updates.