New Talks for GDC Announced

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is coming up in March and more talks are being added day by day. Three new additions to the roster appearing at the event in March have recently been announced along with what they will be lecturing on.

The first announced was Pixar’s Matthew Luhn who will make a rare appearance at the conference to present the lecture on ‘The 5 Key Plot Points to Creating a Great Story’. The lecture will involve Luhn, who has worked on films such as ‘Up’ and ‘Monsters Inc.’, explaining how to create great story and characters for video games as well as live-action and animation.

The second new entrant to GDC is Creative Assembly’s lead designer, James Russel who will provide insight into the dilemmas faced in ‘Designing Grand Strategy: Making the Mechanics of Total War’. The talk plans to go into the creation of the acclaimed strategy game series as well as touch on debates such as realism, simulation versus game rules, mystery vs clarity and much more.

Lastly, Activision Blizzard’s Jorge Jimenez will share the developers first steps towards creating photo realistic characters for next gen consoles and hardware. In his lecture titled ‘Photorealistic Eyes Rendering and Deformation’ he will touch upon the company’s current techniques for subsurface scattering rendering, eye shading, anti-aliasing, depth of field and film grain.

Be sure to check out everything that GDC currently has to offer as well as updates on who and what will be appearing at the event on the GDC official schedule builder.